Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Okay, So This last week ha we didnt do anything... Well we did do some things, but not alot, The reason why is because i received a sickness... yeah I dont know why. But we went to the doctor, and he told me i have something called ongo... ongo in spanish is mushroom... ?? but it is not as bad as it sounds. The doctor told me that it is something people get when they are out in the sun too much. I am definitly one of those people. Ha every missionary is. but he gave me medicine, and creme that i had to take! and he gave me a list of food that i cant eat, He said i also needed to be in doors all week. This whole past week,,, we never went outside, and i got permission and we stayed in .. I took the medicine, i put the cream on, and i stayed inside, and i didnt eat the food that i shouldnt eat. This last week, felt like the longest week in all my mission. but the good thing is, is that we could go outside at night time and get a good two to three hours in of work. The things tht i had on my skin have now almost all gone away, but there are still a few. but everything is fine. i also have an infection in my throat, and i dont feel good, but i am just happy to be able to go outside again and start teaching. I dont really have any stories to tell, but we found and met someone that lives right next to the president of our branch, and his name is pablo, and he has a lot of disires to change his bad habits. He is very nice, father of two, has a wife. and we are teaching him, I have a good feeling about him. he is cool. also we are teaching the sister of lidia, the one who was just baptized, and she might be baptized this next week, depending on her answer. She is awesome. Also People that we found me and elder pardo from the last change were baptized this past week, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooo happy to find that out, So it has been a good week. My message will be short this week, My companion is well, and he is speaking more spanish, and he is the funniest companion that i have ever had. He used to be in alot of school plays, and he is really funny. Mom that is awesome that you did all those things haha, I never would have imagined you doing those typeof things but there ya go, Thats what happens when you go to wyoming. hah. Im glad that your trip went well. Dad that makes me soo sad that, that happened. I wish the best for there family, and i hope they are doing well. I love everyone, and i will for sure write more next week. I know this is short, but there is just not that much to write about. District leader is going well, I gave a talk about obedience and diligence the last time i was with all the elders, but they are all good elders. I feel like it helped them. There are also a few of my good friends that are going home this next week... They are done with there missions.... and i cant beleive that i wont see them again for a long time or never... ha but these people have really been good examples to me, and i am happy to be able to see them leave there missions strong. they are awesome. I love everyone, and i hope you all have a good week. !!!! Love Elder Fellingham

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