Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hey!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing well : ) Its fun to see all the halloween things being sold here in this little ranchito, although they dont have that many trees and the leaves dont change like they do in Utah, They still have the halloween spirit. Lots of little children buying things for halloween, Also we live on top of a huge candy store, Il send pictures next week, but lots of people are buying candy. We had changes today, but me and my companion are still here together, we werent changed. I have lots of new people in my district though, and i am excited to meet them, I think i am the oldest of all of them : / it will be kind of interesting. I have to set a good example : ) There are lots of new missionaries coming in to the mission, There are also lots more hermanas also! in two months we should be back to a good 200 missionaries. There are lots of missionaries leaving in december, a good twenty five. I feel like im a grandpa in the mission haha... were getting up there me and my generation... but anyways i am excited to see all these new 18 yer old missionaries come in, There is a lot of difference between us hah, some are really immature, and some are pretty mature to be 18. It is fun to see how all of them are and the light they bring into the mission. Lots of them are really funny, but they also learn really fast also, They make mistakes and they get right back up, and try again. : ) its awesome. My companion is really improving with his spanish, We really try to talk during the day a lot. Our investigators are doing well, We found one lady, and she is awesome, her name is lidia, She came to church with us this past sunday, and she felt really good!!!! and i was like yes!!! this is what we want, and i explained to her that what she felt is the holy ghost, and she was like oh well i want to have more of that feeling, and she is progressing well, we have tought her a little bit, but she will definitly progress a lot. She is our main investigator, Blanca is also still progressing, we put another date for her, it is just really hard to schedule around her work, but she said that she will be baptized in this month, We are really still hoping that she is reading and praying, its because she works in culiacan, and we dont have daily contact.... and its really hard, But we figured out that she doesnt have a testimony about joseph smith, she doesnt really know if he was a true prophet or not... sooo that was really good, and they promised me, her sister lidia and blanca that they would look up more about Joseph smth to find out more about him and what he did as a person. I am she thats just what she is missing in her testimony. She was a little bit iffy on it when we talked about it. She is more of a quiet person and it is really hard to get things out of her. She is one of the ones that she says its good, its going good, and that all she says. This past week we tought lots of people. Fransisco still hasnt shown us any progression..... so we might have to drop him... i feel bad though, he has a really good family. These are the people we are teaching, Im excited to start a new change though, It will be fun, and we now know the things and people that dont want anything here, and we know the ones that do, I really hope we start finding more people that are willing to listen, we kind of falt that. But all in all, were doing well here. My companion woke up a little sick this morning,,,, One of my goals this change is to not get sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am relly hoping that the sun starts dying down, and hat it gets colder. I told my companion this morning that we get to spend thanksgiving together!!! whoooo !!! Pavo. I love these months beacuse of the seasons, and all the holidays. Hope you love the snow in Utah because i miss it. Here me and my companion dig snow balls out of our refrigerator and throw them off our balcony... haha no thats not true, but thats the closest we get too with snow here... I love everyone and i hope all of you have a good week, Try to help out someone that needs to be helped this week, do service, Love the people around you: ) my goals that i give t you, : ) Have a good week every one Love Elder Fellingham

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