Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Dear Family!!!!!!!!!!!!
This past week was kinda fast. | i think it was because of the changes, and because my companion came a day later than he was supposed too. my new companion is Elder Morrise and he is very cool. but goofy also. haha. he is from laverkin utah. im going to be typing in all small letters today because the computer i have today the shift button seems to be not working very well. . . . . anyways. elder morrise is a funny guy. he like to play the piano a lot and the first thing he took out of his bag was a mini piano. . . its a mini electric keyboard. . . haha. i was like how in the world did you fit that in their. but he is a cool cat, This last week we had a good week, elder morrise works pretty well, but i have been doing most of the work lately because he doesnt know the area very well. and still i dont even know the area that well. it is huge!!! but i am starting to get to know it more and more. our map is really not organized to place stickers for people and so i asked the bishop if he could print us a new map so he did. and now we are trying to do a few more things!!!! we are organizing the map and it will take a couple days, but it is definitly worth it and it will be easier to work in the area, and for the future missionaries. It is hard when the old missionaries havent really done there part..... then the new ones that come in dont really have anything to work with. but its okay... we are doing it, and it is fun organizing and planning, and putting up all the members. it helps us get to know them better, and it is a good thing. 

First of all i am very excited that melanie has gotten everything in!!!!!!!!! she is basically on her mission now, and i am grateful to the family who have helped her and supported her, and who are going to help her to the end whenn she leaves. : ) I am so happy that she asked you guys to sing for her farewell!!!!! thats super awesome and i am excited for that. if someone could record it so i can watch it when i get back that would be cool. descretively 

The reason why you havent seen her in a while is because she has been travelling with her family. but i am sure she is back by now and if not she should be back shortly. i hope she keeps coming over until she leaves. she just has a lot to do i am sure... but yup. 

I am doing fine mom. everything has been well with me, walking up hills and it is getting a lot hotter, the time zones have changed back again and it is hotter than it used to be, i still remember when i came to mexico it was about as hot as this, and it will just continue to get even more. So i remember how it used to be before, in the hot weather i cant sleep very well at night..... last night i could not go to sleep because it was sooo hott... I woke up got a glass of water and turned my fan up higher and then i slept... Its hott blah, I love you, i am glad everything is well in your life dad and that your enjoying the nice spring weather. I am so proud that you are associate chair! you will be chair one day, : ) but i love you. We had three investigators with us yesterday in general conference!!!!!! It was really good. and i am happy they got to hear it. Our church had a really hard time getting a signal so we had a prayer, we put it to our faith, and my companion said the prayer, after the prayer the internet speed to receive the conference talks only slowed down two times more and then we heard everything clearly after that. It was really amazing. And it means that our heavenly Father hears our prayers. I was really happy that we had investigators their for that experience also, i am sure their faith increased. But we really did do everything we could to try and hear and mess around with the receiver before we prayed. It was a really good experience. If you can tell John i am really proud of him that would be nice. I am always so happy when i hear he is doing well, I didnt know he got traded to the mets though, thats new. I am happy he is moving forward in his career, and the people here in mexico fantasize baseball. They really love it. I always get chances to tell people that my cousin plays professionally, and i am always grateful for that. So please give him luck from me, and that i miss them and their family and all my cousins. Love you dad

Im healthy... well probably not the healthiest i could be i dont know its the mission... and nothing really feels the same as how it used to be. but i am still alive, and well. : ) 

Missy i hope everything went well with your baby, hope she can eat,, : / your in my prayers, love you guys, cant beleive gilbert is doing brazillian ju jitsu. i did a little bit of ju jitsu with bo, when i did private classes with him, he invited me to another class that i went too. ju jitsu is tough, :) kicked my butt, i like grappling, im sure darin knows what that is. 
but how awesome and how fun. love you and your family

Angela im happy your boys are busy, miss you guys, your puppy is soooooo cute, it looks a little like shelby but still a baby, i like the pic where zach is fast asleep and she is huddled close to him,,,, haha. cute. Seems like you guys have made a lot of upgrades in the webb family, suburban, and trailer, thats awesome. Alex buddy im happy that you are captain of your team, you have always been a good leader and always will be. Quidado con la novia, ; ) watch out with your girlfriend, !!!! Whats her name, please send me a picture of her!!!!!!!! I need to approve before you can kiss her anymore, hahaha     no just kidding, but be good, i know you are, !!! just stay focused on preach my gospel classes and soccer, and you can marry her when you get backfrom your mission,. but be good my nephew, i hope johnathan and zach and kate are all getting better, sounds nasty, im happy im not in the house,,, with whatever is going around. but please get better. !!!! i cant wait to hear kate when i get back. love you guys.Thanks for singing in melanies farewell angela

Joy i cant belaive daniel broke his arm wrist... elbow?? i cant tell where the break is in the pictures you sent me. but i hope he is okay... The hang time place just called me and they said they are going to change their name to break time, : ) No but give him my love and tell him that he is in my prayers, and il sign his cast when i get back, I love you guys and your family. hope the stress dies down for the week.... love you, thanks for singing for Melanies farewell Joy joy

Elise im sorry to hear that les lost his job, but the great news is that he is preparing to have an even better job so their isnt really anything to worry about. I love you guys and hope you are well. 

Anyways tell danny and david a love em and their families. i miss them. They have always been pegados since nacimiento, entonces, les doy mi amor, peace
 Love everyone take care, be safe(danielle)hmmm,,,,  Love elder fellingham  

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