Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

This past week was really good, we had a lot of improvements and we worked hard, i feel like it was a pay of week from others, but i feel like i personally have grown a lot stronger personally this change. Im well and healthy, I hope everything went really well with singing and Melanies farewell, I am grateful to hear that everything turned out really well. I am so grateful that everyone loves melanie, : ) This past week we have just been working with a lot of investigators. . . We have a lot right now, and it is kind of hard to teach all of them, We have Ruben, Roberto, Angelika y su hijas, America, Sylvestre, Marina, ToƱito. These are the most hmmmm favored,,,,,? hah no only that they are the people that we have been teaching most lately. Ruben is about 40 years, and he is very interested in the doctrine of the church and he is very smart, we have only tought him one time. He finally gave in to let the missionaries come in and teach him, before he was a little bit un easy... and he works a lot. He is a carpenter. He has been to the church 6 times in a row, he didnt come these past two weeks, but it was because of work, he has the book of mormon, and now we are just giving him lessons, He is progressing quickly, and we are hoping to give him a baptismal date soon. Roberto, is very talkative, his wife is a member, they have about six weeks here, they just moved in. They are developing new houses in parts of our area, and he is progressing a lot because of the help of his wife, He sells bonice, in the streets, popsicles.. and he is very cool, he has christian backround so he is very talkative and he asks a lot of questions about the bible, He just needs to get married with his wife, and we have problems with the other elders, because they just barely told us that he lives in their area.... so they are frustrated that we have been teaching there investigator.... . . . . . . . ( anyways, Angelika and ehr daughters are really nice, Her smallest daughter is a friend of some less actives that live next to them, they are pretty poor, and they came to the church last week, angelika needs medicine to remember things? she says she got hit by a car,,, or something. But we are teaching her and her daughters, they have baptismal dates... This sunday they did not come to the church because members did not go pick them up.... we didnt ask if they could go pick them up,,, but i mean really,,,, if they are willing to come to the church,,, when we bring an investigator to the church the ward needs to do there part.. Our ward has been really bad at helping us this change also,,, that is why i have felt a little overwhelmed this change,.. But yeah our other investigators are good, and these are the main ones that we have been teaching lately, They are all progressing. America is a lady that when we walked past her in the street she had just barely gotten off of a bus, and she had a lot of bags in her hands, so i asked her if she would like help to carry her bags and she smiled, and said yes, we took most of the bags from her and we walked with her to her house. We got everything into her fridge, and then she was very nice and gave us water, and cookies,,, and tried to offer us things. She is from a little ranch far away from culiacan, and her husband bought them a house in culiacan while he works out on their little ranchito, and we started giving her the first lesson!!! and she was soooo interested, and we had just found an escogido, she is very ready for the gospel, and she said she wants to come to the church, the only problem is that she goes to the ranch on weekends,,,, and so we have only given her one lesson but we have another appointment with her this next week. She is very awesome though. We have a couple more weeks, this change we will have seven weeks i heard instead of six, because Elder holland is coming. So we will have it in a couple more weeks i think. I am not sure, I got a haircut today it looks pretty good : ) random hah,,, but everything is well,, were still just working a long here, and trying to do our best, I love everyone, and i am happy everyone is well, Mom im always hoping for the win to do its thing!! : ) hah and i love you and miss you, right now you are taking melanie out. : ) thank you I was thinking about grandma yesterday and i want to know how she is doing ??? i miss her tell her i love her,!!! she told me she would still be their for when i get home so i am counting on that!! Tell her i love her very much!! Dad im happy that the golf is good, and that the school is good. The weather here is just heating right up!!!!!!!!! My lips are really dry,, and chapped, luckily i have chapstick that heidi sent me!!!!!!! i actually thought that when the family goes to melanies ward you guys are always bound to see someone that you know,,, haha, it is the luck of the fellingham family, because we tend to get around ; ) no hah but im glad you saw your friend. I hope the volleyball does well, and rugby, i miss watching sports with ya dad, I love you and mom, and i hope your bothe very well. Give the family my love, and that your all in my prayers.I started reading the book of mormon otra vez, i have this paper that says if you read three chapters a night or in the day that you can finish the book of mormon in four months, or something like that i cant remember, but i challenge everyone to start reading ONLY three chapters a day. Love you all, De Elder Fellingham!!

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