Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

I have a question, i am wondering if someone has been saving my letters, well of course they are saved in your emails, but i mean if they are organized, in one spot, are you still putting things on my mission blog??? joy, or angela, i dont know who made it, but i think it was joy joy, Anyways, just a pregunta!!! (question) But everything is well!!!! i am doing well, my companion is good, WE found out that we are going to have a member of the seventy coming in may, and we will have Elder Holland at the end of may come. He will speak to the people and all the missionaries!!! It is something very exciting!!!! We have organized a choir, for when they come.We will be singing to them, My companion will be playing the piano because of all his music abilities, but only 15 were chosen out of all the missionaries here in the city of culiacan, and we tried out like 60, i felt kind of bad because a lot of the mexicans dont know how to sing,,,, hah,,,,, : / and so there are more Americans that are singing in the choir, I am one of those 15 missionaries ; / i have never ever been in a choir before, hahhaghh .... wish me luck and my companion. but we all meet with each other mondays and fridays to practice before they come, elder h}olland and i dont know the other. But its very awesome, and i hope they like our singing. My companion has put a bunch of songs together that we will be singing, It is pretty cool. I swear all my companion did before his mission was listen to music and play it. His dad is a teacher through the army somehow and he works in south korea teaching choir and band. His son Elder Morrise is very learned though, and talented, But sometimes it can be a distraction when it comes to the work. But he is good, we have talked about some things, and we are just trying to do better and better every week. !!! I miss everyone, mom i hope you had a good time at missy s, I hope she isnt struggling as much anymore and her baby also with eating!!! and speaking of pills i finished them all last week. i finished your herbs, !!! Everyone knows i am not big into pills,,,, but herbs are fine with me. I dont know if they helped me or if they did anything to me, i couldnt see a difference, but i am still healthy and fine, so im sure they helped me out missy, Thank you, you can send me more if you want. The only thing is, is the habit of taking them daily. !!!!!!!!!!! : ) Love you and your family, i am excited to see nathan and all your kids, i cant beleive he is soo tall already,... How is the ju jitsu going?????? Anyways mom hope your flight was well ridden,,, hope the win esta creciendo!!!! ; ) growing!! when is your next event!!? I had a friend message me. Her name is maddi, and she is the daughter of the Dente family, I hope you remember them, they were in our ward like five years ago and then they moved to hawaii, she messaged me and told me she is on her mission in tucson Arizona.... It was a pretty big suprise to me. I think it soooo awesome for how many people are choosing to serve missions,,,, i cant beleive it. I miss you and dad, i hope you are both doing well and your healthy,,, take missy s herbs that she gives you ; ) Dad there was no earthquake that i felt here in mexico, maybe in a different part i dont know. but Everything is well here in Sinaloa!!! The beautiful women, the mexican cars that are all decked out, crazy driving and dirt, thats about it here. . . . haha just kidding. I already have my girl, and The cars here .... i am really suprised with the mexicans, they can do alot with cars, it is pretty impressive, and the dirt....... Yea the dirt just doesnt help anyone... But i hope all the family is doing really well, You are all in my prayers, and i miss you all, I hope you are all reading como families in the book of mormon, It is very important, and lots and lots of people still come short of the knowledge of its existence, entonces disfrĂștalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take advantage that it is in your homes please, and read it, I know that our family will never be without if we just obey, and do the simple things that we are asked by Heavenly Father. Les i am very happy you received a good scholarship that is very very good, i need to look into scholarships when i get home........ apparently, everybody is doing it,,, right? Love you guys and your family. Ang, love you guys also, glad the sickness is gone, take a picture of your new car please, i want to see it, photo shop it like its hot. Tell your buys i miss them, and i hope to be receiving a letter from them in my inbox next monday!!!!!!!! I hope they are taking advantage of reading in preach my gospel. Thanks danny and david for your letters, i wrote you two,,, letters. Love you guys,,, some how i have a feeling we will all be working in camp williams together, and it will be weird, no hah i bet you two have a lot of fun juntos, tell your wives hi, and your kids, Love them all soo much!! if you can send me some pics that would be nice of your families, updated pics, thanks. I saw this quote and it goes something like this, [ I like my mexicans hot and spicy] . . . . hahe... Heidi thank you very much for your package, i dont know if i wrote you and told you i got it, thank your very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, how are the papers coming for adoptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?? Joy joy, daniell is always in my prayers lately, and i hope his arm is healing how it should be, tell kenneth and patrick and caitlyn i love them, and daniel, And steve, and you, i love you guys. Thank you sooo much joy with helping mel, she and you are sooo close, and i am soo happy for that, I am soo grateful that my family lovees the person i love, and that we all love each other sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me very happy, It is the first commandment after all, I love you guys. Anyways i am grateful for everything, i bore my testimony last sunday, the ward had stake conference and ward conference these two past sundays then yesterday we had testimony meeting.... i know ,,, its a little off but hey its how they do it here in mexico, but everything is well, and i love you all, I hope everyone is safe and happy, and i miss you all, Love your Elder Fellingham!!!!!!!!!! or fellingjam, or fellinggam or fellingjamon, or felling... or fellingboy, or elder fellingque? or solamente fell, yeah the mexican people arent sooo good with Inglaterranian,,,,,,,, but thats okay, someday they will know! I need an accent mark or something... Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mucho

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