Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Dear family, Everything has been good here. There hasnt been much going on, I feel like me and elder morrise have had kind of a rough start, the first two weeks, we havent gotten that many numbers, but like i always say, numbers dont really matter to me,,, it is important to keep track and we do that, but we have just been having a little trouble finding our strengths and weaknesses.... My companion is a little different than others, he gets distracted pretty easily, and i dont know we are very different from each other, He seems smart and sophisticated,,, and he knows his stuff in the bible and the BOM he is very smart, and likes music a lot. i feel like his keyboard can be a distraction sometimes. . . he told me at the beginning. . . . he plays the piano in the church sundays, and the members love that there is someone that can play... the members dont really know the other side haha.... his music abilities can be a good thing but also a downside to our work. .. . but i have been trying to work my hardest. . . I can definitly tell this has been the hardest i have worked in all my mission, ,, not that i was bad before, but because i didnt know how to do things, but now that i know how things work and what needs to be done, i try to do all of them, but it is just impossible. I now realize part of the reason why we work in two s . But ah ha this is where my patience comes in. I had one of the members tell me that i am impatient with children the other day, and i was like what???? hah,,, i have never gotten that before, and i told her no,,, i have a lot of patience, i dont know. Its the thing with meeting new people i guess, i dont know. Some of the members on the mission act like they know you when you have been there for a little while, but the truth is, is that they will never really know you, where you come from, or who you are.... : / I hope no one thinks that everything these past weeks has gone badly It was just a little but now a lot. . . it has not affected me,,, in thw work, there are just ups and downs... : ) and its up to us to make this next week and up!! It has been a little hars these past two weeks, but it is good having my mind just more focused on the work. Me and my companion have decided that we need to go to bed on time, because that has been affecting us a litte bit, i have felt really tired, and a little stressed. but its all good. We are teaching a lot of people now, it is hard to keep track sometimes. We are teaching a lady named marina, and she is progressing a lot, she is a cousin of a member. and she is starting on lesson two. She is one of our main investigators, another is named ruben, he has now been to the church about 5 or 6 times, and he comes with a friend, he always works a lot, and he has never invited us to come to his house, we have always asked, and asked but he is like im always busy, but this past sunday he said a date when we could come so that made me happy. We have couple more but they are not prgressing just as much as them. But the work goes on, we have been contacting a lot more people in the street also, we did bad with that the last week so we made plans to do better this week. Mom I hope missy is doing okay, please tell her she is in my prayers, i hope you travel safely, I love you, Thanks for updating me with the fam, Dad i am happy you wont be doing as much and you will have more time to work on papers. Thank you both for holding a special dinner for melanie, that is very nice, I am way excited for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is crazy to think that she is leaving so soon, I am happy for her. Angela thanks for your short message, im happy you guys are getting back to normal and the sickness is going away. I miss you guys, give your boys my love. It is coming time to change presidents, it is crazy to think..... I just know that he and his wife will be guided to do whatever needs to be done here. It is amazing to watch the church grow and to be so in tune with everything that is going on. I am grateful for the church, and i know its true. Also i received your package mom witht he books in it, i really like the ricks references thats nice!!!!!!! also The box from melanie, and some letters. Thanks you very much , oh and the box from heidi!!!!!!!! Muchas gracias for everything. I love you guys I know this message might be a little shorter than others, but everything is fine. I love everyone and i hope everyone is doing well, I love you all . Please be safe, and please give everyone else my love. Love elder Fellingham

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