Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter home dated 8/27/2012 Ha hey mom. I love you yes i am doing well. . . i should probably buy some more fruits and vegetables at the store though. . haha it just takes a lot of time out of the way to cook and wash the vegetables and most of the day we are given lunch by members. Usually we always get lunch so thats good!!! I am really tan. . . haha tell alex my arms are almost as tan as his now. : ) and my face. My hands are a lot darker for some reason idk why. I also have hmmm something wrong with my feet but thats okay. Its just like athletes foot or something. I wash them each morning and night. . . everything has been good!!!! I am happy. Teaching a lot of new people. we have about 6 new investigators since last week. and lots of people here are unpunctual with time and setting a time to come teach them. so we just keep going back until they are home. . . most of the time the person is never there. . . . . but that is okay. we go up and down a lot of hills on the exterior of escuinapa. and my legs are getting strong. . . ha it has been fun. i wake up 30 minutes early to practice my spanish. . . i dont get a lot of language study. right now i can pretty much understand everything that is being said in a spanish conversation. I nderstand beter then i can speak it. this morning i had a really good language study and my companion helped me out a lot- I am learning little by little. . . We have a 12 week process. all the new missionaries go through and thats what i am doing right now. after the 12 weeks i should be able to do everything on my own. teaching lessons and inviting and everything. i am on my third week now and things are getting less bumpier. I struggle sometimes in the morning waking up. . . but i can feel the difference when i dont and when i do to study my language. We have our first zone conference tomorrow. That is in mazitlan. i am happy because we get to ride buses. . . ha and get to rest. : ) i like the buses here. Everything is going well. and me and my companion are good. we talk a lot more now. the people here are awesome. Lots of them are funny. Women sweep the dirt road and i have never understood that haha. . . but whatever. : ) I am soo happy to hear about the family. and everyone started school again. That seems like this summer went by way fast. so glad you and dad are doing well. hope alex likes his new job. !! and i am way excited for david and jackie. !!!! they get to move back to utah thats soo awesome!!! and i am happy david is graduating. he is such a hard worker and all of it is going to pay off!!! i hope the move goes well!!! I have not received any mail yet? it takes a long time. It takes about three weeks to receive things. Atleast thats what my companion said. . . sooo when you send things just know that they are going to take a while to get to me. make sure the family knows the address to send things to. The mission office in Culiacan like i explained in my last email. then they send it to me. Mom that is sooo awesome you are going to all those places for the win. That makes me happy india sounds fun!!!! haha mexico is similar to india! lots of people ride on scooters and bikes, and have carts trying to sell things. they do with what they have and everythings is great!!! I love you and the family. Keep updating me on the family. i will write to you next monday. Tell everyone i love them. and i am doing well. !!!! strong, healthy, mentally good. . . ha! learning lots. starting to teach lessons in spanish. (trying) haha. . . but i am getting there. I give my little parts. but my companion talks a lot more then me. . . but i learn new things everyday and try to find room to place them in my head. : ) everything is well. I love you miss you and dad and the family. I have a fovor when you watch shows from now on will you write down the new ones for me???? so when i get back i can watch them ; ) only if you can. Thanks i love you give the family my love. Tell david happy birthday!!!! from me. love him. love everyone!!!! Love Elder Fellingham

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