Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter to Joy dated 9/17/2012 Hey joy love you guys. Here is a story about one of our investigators. There names are juan jesus, and cindy. Juan is 24 and cindy is 15 haha. . . . they are together. They just had a baby together. Their family members have been baptized in the church but they havent and we asked them if they wanted too and they said they did. The only problem is that they need their papers to show us that they are legally married and cindy s papers are in a different state in mexico. . . so thats a bummer, we always try to avoid the people that have had a divorce or are married legally but dont have their papers because they take forever in mexico to receive. . . every thing is so flojo here. . . lazy. But they want to get baptized and they said they would try to get here papers as fast as she could. then we can baptize them. I have a feeling it might be a while though. But their is a story you can share with everyone. and no i dont need a new pair of slacks. ha its just a little hole. not too bad, and i know a guy who can sew here. so bonus!! Love you and your family tell kenneth school is really important!!! keep up the good work tell your kids i love them. love you guys.

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