Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter home dated 9/17/2012 Hey mom I love you i am doing well. Starting my 6th week in the mission field. It seems as if time just flies by so quickly. I think im going to be getting a new companion soon, maybe this next week or so. My companion right now elder anderson is the oldest one here that has been in escuinapa so i think he is going to leave soon. We have gotten a lot closer and we are pretty cool with each other now. This week there hasnt really been anything new, we have been teaching the same people. The women fransiska said we couldnt come back because she said her husband doesnt want us too. . . its too bad so we have been trying to contact him and get him to want the gospel also. The work is hard and good. We are teaching a lot of Jehova s witnesses. . . which is crazy because we never do. . . and we have one couple that is progressing and we have no idea how they are. . . because the testigo s de jehova are crazy here. . . we had a lady named maria we went and explained her the book of mormon and she was soooo hapy to hear our message and she is a testigo and then the next day we went she tried to give us the BOM back and she wouldnt even talk to us . . once the testigos hear that we have contacted one of their members they go and like brain wash them or something. . . but we have two that are progressing and we are suprised. they came to a baptism the other night of another companionship and they watched the baptism and then the day after the husband came to church. Their names are cali, and ellene, they are fun to be around and we are trying to teach them. they are doing alright. still progressing, we hope and pray for them day by day. I woke up this morning at 4:30 and felt very crappy. . . . i woke up with dirhea. . and just felt horrible had the biggest head ache and sinus pressure in my ears. . . and my muscles all ached. . . i slept in, good thing it is our p day today. so i got some rest, i took a couple ibuprofen and then at the store later il buy some other medicine, i feel fine now though, i got everything out of me this morning and then after it was just the head ache. . But im fine no worries, just had a little bug. I am happy about sweden and i bet it is way pretty. I am so happy your global womens summit went well. I am doing well, ha my shoes are fine, and i worry about you also mom, i worry about the whole family!!! I dont like being away. But i keep you all in my prayers and i know that you are kept safe day by day while i am gone. I love you guys and i miss you. I want to remind you that Melanie s birthday is coming up! Do you think you could maybe do something for her or anything if the family want to do something. It is october 8, the day before grandmas birthday. Just a heads up, Thank you . Please tell missy happy late birthday for me. . . ugh and i told david happy birthday. I try to keep up on all of them. . Il write grandma something monday the day before her birthday and you can read it to her. Everything is well mom, I hope your travels are safe and i hope dads trip was good also. I love you both so much! I havent received your letter yet. . i just know they take a really long time. Im sure i will get it soon though. and im sure its the right address. I love you mom! Love your son Elder Fellingham

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