Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hola a todos!!!! Hey everyone Hope everyone had a great week!!! We had a really good week here in Humaya, it was my first week here, and me and my companion have had a great time so far. We are really good friends and we have a lot in common. This week we had the opportunity to go to (Potrero) The pictures that I sent are from the baptism that we had their! that little group of people is one family. They are all family. The rama in Potrero is made of 30 people. It reminds me of Villa Union! It is small, but it amazes me of the fidelity and devotion the people have here, to stick to there standards and beleifs! They are amazing. The president in Potrero and his wife are very strong and very nice. He is a farmer and he looks like he is only 25 years old. When we were driving their to Potrero it was pure fields of alfalfa,corn,wheat and other things. and then we got even further.... The whole way their i felt like a little kid asking his parents when are we going to get their..... haha the truth is is that is way far away...... It took us an hour and ten minutes to get their, and and hour and ten minutes back. In our ward we have a guy in our ward that has his own business and is very wealthy, and he sells medications... He has a lot of drivers that drive around the city with medications..... (medecine) and he tells one of his drivers to go and pick us up every Thursday. We go to Potrero every Thursday and his drivers take us their. It is very amazing. !!!! I was very surprised the first time we went. It was a very awesome experience for me to go their. It was very spiritual, and i felt very diferent in that little rama of Potrero with my companion. Before there used to be missionaries their, but the president took them out of the area because it is dangerous, there are a lot of narcos their they say, we are only allowed to visit for a short time, and during the day, and only once a week. But everything is fine, and i love the time that we get to be their. We have lots of people that we are teaching the family medina, blanca and her daughter and another cool experience with elizabeth. They are people soon to be baptized, we are preparing them to get baptized, to be short Family medina is having a rough time right now. They want to get a divorce and we are helping them, they have four or five daughters.... the parents are both members but there daughters arent... The wife just barely came to church this past sunday she hast gone to church for 20 to 25 years.... and it was a huge step for her to come to church. Her mom is a member and she always wants to go, she is about the age of grandma and she cant hear, and she cant walk very well and she cant see.... : / but she is very diligent in all her efforts when it comes to sunday to go to church. : ) She is awesome. Blanca isnt married with her husband, Her daughter is america and America s boyfriend is member. America just got baptized two months ago, and she has a very strong testimony! She has helped her mom also have the desire to be baptized and we are going to help them get married, and then baptize them! The dad is tough, he is a little difficult with understanding things from the book of mormon but we are trying to find time with him. Elizabeth we just barely tought her for the first time, and she cried at the end and she knows that the things we teach are true, i dont think she has a husband, and she has three or four kids. Her brother tells her not to listen to us,but she still does anyway. She has a date to be baptized for the 28th of this month and we are going to help her reach it. She has lots of desires to know more, even though she cried and knew in the moment that it is true she didnt come to church this sunday.... bummer, but we just barely started teaching her, and it was a cool first experience with her. } This is my first week here in humaya!!!! and it was very awesome! i am excited to finish my last change here and it is better to go big!!! finish with everything that you have : ) Im looking forward to it. Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!!! Love you all! Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Lz, Humaya!!
Me and my companion eating sushi!!!!! We get along really well, we are like brothers!
We went to a ranchito named potrero. Its part of our area, it is a special area!!! even though we live in the center of culiacan. Potrero is like an hour and ten minutes from the city and we had a baptism!!! His name is gabriel! very awesome. The people their are really sweet!
Mi compaƱero!!!! here they baptize in boxes with a tarp ha, usually all of the ranches here do it like this because they dont have a church big enough with a baptismal font, after the third time it was valid! and he was very willing, especially here in culiacan!!!! Its super hott!!!!!!!!!!!!

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