Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

bueno!!!!! I cant believe its the last week in the mission, The last week is always the greatest and i hope i make it to be even greater. Its hard to make memories when you have a limited time..... i didn't think these days would come. This past week went fast for me..... we worked with a lot of the youth and it went really well, like i told everyone we were going to be working with them, we did! and it went really well. We had a great week, and we bonded with the youth. Interesting news, This past Sunday we got together with two wards and we changed the division of the wards. The bishops changed churches, and me and my companion will now be going to another church. We have all decided that everyone that has been changed will be very missed... ha there were lots of people that said we are going to miss well other people from the ward. It was a pretty big change, but the division of the wards is a lot better, and i know that it will be better for the future also. The missionaries are happy and excited to be able to add members and investigators into there own areas, It will also be a hard thing to do, to pass your investigators to other missionaries... especially when we have bonded and already had time together. But we feel that everything is for a reason and it is Gods work and he knows what is happening! So everything is good. This last Sunday me and my companion will be assisting a new church with new faces. I feel like i haven't even had time to find any friends here, just some of the youth. They are the ones that i have gotten to know most through divisions. There are three that are getting ready to leave for there missions and we have been focusing on them a lot. One of the youth is the son of my old president President Cantu! he was the president before president Velez. He has been called to go to Florida, he actually speaks English pretty well. The other two have been called to go to places here in Mexico. They are awesome and will be very successful missionaries. We baptized last week Her are the pictures
​Marie olea with her grandchild,
​Her baptism was very beautiful!!! Very nice. Im glad to hear that the ragnar race went well!!!! I am surprised that 8 members of the family ran it, bet your legs are smoked : ) danny said it smoked my bags : ) hehe. Heidi there isnt anything that i need haha muchos thank yous, Lots of the things i dont even remember that are in the united states.... its weird, when i try to think my mind just goes blank.... i will have to see around when i get home. I am very excited to be coming home, my mind is still focused i feel like here in the mission, we are still teaching and this week we have lots of things to do. mostly organization....... because of the big change with the wards, we have to organize all the maps again and all the registers of the members and investigators, so that should keep us busy. !!!! I am excited for Gods work and i have loved it, it has been a really great experience, It has been a good mission. I love you all and i will see you almost next next wednesday : ) Love you, bye!!!!!!!! Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Lz, Humaya!!

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