Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 9th at 9:37am i will leave Culiacan, Mexico, My second home where My heavenly Father put me for 2 wonderful years, To serve his children and to grow spiritually and to baptize his children in the True church of Jesus Christ! I will land in Los Angeles, CA at 1:00pm I will have time to get to my other gate with 3 other missionaries and we will leave from LA to Utah my home at 4:39pm and we will arrive at 7:25pm This past week went very well! We were able to baptize Marie Olea!!! She is a 56 year old women, and she has received all of the lessons, and i am happy that i was able to be a part of it. This past friday she was baptized and her baptism was very beautiful! She loved it, and after we had cake because it was her birthday also! Yesterday she went to the church earlier than us, and she was ready to receive her confirmation, I was lucky enough to confirm her a member of the church. She has a few children that live in Utah in Huntington, and she said that she will be going to visit, and i am going to be able to see her and maybe even go to the temple with her to show her around. I hope you all have the chance to meet her when she comes.! It was a very special experience for me and my companion. More for me knowing that she goes to Utah sometimes. Thats the exciting news that we had this past week. We have been teaching the same people, some progressing more than others, I am hoping to see other miracles before.... well i come home : / I cant believe the mission is almost over. Until the last day the miracles dont stop : ) We have changes the 7th of jJuly and i will have 3 days to do basically whatever i want her in Culiacan. me and another missionary have already decided to room together in the hotel that we will be staying in. His name is Elder Velez. He is from Pachuca. To tell the truth it has been really emotional lately... Almost everyone i see tells me that i am leaving......... and it can be difficult to focus sometimes. This week to finish we have lots of youth that are planned to work with us during the day, they are a great help, and it has helped me continue be an example and help them learn. I would encourage the missionaries that also will receive this letter that if you arent asking youth to work with you Do it! : ) It is a great way to receive lessons with a member and to help the investigator have someone they know when they go to the church, in return it also helps the youth and prepares them to serve missions: ) It is incredible! There are only 2 days during this week that we dont have youth to work with us. Here in Culiacan it has been raining in the nights. It has been kind of weird, Usually it doesnt rain this time of the year... Usually when we head in to go to the house it rains and it is cloudy. Last night the power went out and i woke up sweating..... I stayed up for about an hour and they repaired the electricity and then i went back in with the air... ha I am happy we are in a house that has air.... anyways I love you all!!! All is well, Finishing strong!! I hope everyone has a good week, I will see everyone in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!! Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Lz, Humaya!!

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