Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Okay buenas tardes!!!!! A todos. I am happy that i actually get to write this week. Thesepast weeks have been really busy. I am sure mom and dad has told everyone by now. My companion got really sick, and he was in bed almost all week this past week, and the week before we had workersin our housefrom early in the morning until the night time. You get workersin thehouse when missionaries dont take care of things in the house. Although this house has been in the mission for a while. It has a lot of time being used by the missionaries. like 7 years. The workers have repaired the bathroom, they have painted the whole house inside and out, The colors are like a cream white and green. They painted the doors also and put in a closet : ) I asked the owner to paint it green haha. The owner has done sooooo much for us lately, and it is because her daughter likes me.... they will not stop bugging me about getting together with her daughter, all of the workers and the owner... they are all crazy. She even bought us ties me and my companion, and she bought me a green one and then she told me this morning we bought you green because it matches with your eyes and you are handsome..... i smiled and said thank you... and then they all laughed at me because it is really awkward. But hey a tie is a tie,and it is a good looking tie also. i like it. My companion is also really happy...... oh my gosh... ha We have changesin a week and i hope i either get sent to a new place orthey hurry up and finish the construction in the house. The last thing that they are working on is the kitchen. There was a really old kitchen and saturday morning we woke up,and the men came tolook at it, and they were saying It will take a while to get all of the kitchen out and throw it away.... It issooo old that i started to lift up the peices and before everyone knew everything was outside........... That kitchen wassoooo nasty wakala! It was sooo old that all the peices were coming un done and it was like wet inside. It ismade of wood and it was just done. Right now they are building a cement table and then they are going to put like marble on top like we have in our house. I am sooo happy that they are fixing up the house. It was a disaster. Fixing up the house has been one of the main priorities and getting me companion to 100% health also. He is all better now and we started working yesterday!!!!!!! I loved GeneralConference. It was hard thinking that it was my last general conference in the mission. I tried extra hard to follow the spirit and study before hand so that i could understand everything that the apostles and prophet said. I liked all of the talks. I reallyliked the talkof uchtdorf in the priesthood session. That us as priesthood holders we cant be found sleeping.... There is a big problem herein mexico with the menof the church. Atleast from what i have seen during my whole mission. The men are soooo much more harder to convince and help feel the spirit. Also the men that are members. They work soooo much here that is very hard for them to do there visits. There shouldnt be an excuse.. well there arent any excuses to not do the work of God. The men here in my ward have a really hard time visiting the less actives, and there fellow friends and members that really are in desperate need of there help. I am happy When i heard the talk of Dieter that we shouldnt be sleeping but we should be aware and awake of what is happening around us.Especially in the work of our Heavenly Father. I love General Conference. I hope all of you were able to hear something that we can do better. I always do. The thing that we need to focus on now is how we can all put it into practice. ACT and not just here.. I love you all and i am glad that we could all hear the prophet and apostles. We are doing well me and my companion. We have had a very quiet change. We both have a lot in common, and one of those things is that we can be very quiet.......haha. I feel like yesterday wefound our balance, and that we are doing much better. I have been reading lately in DyC and i am in section 42. I really love it, and it gives a lot of information about what was really going on with God and joseph smith and all of the other men and women that were involved in those years. Thereis a little boy about 11 or 12 years old and he has showed methat DyC isnt that boring after all.... haha I havenever read it before.... and i havent read it because it has always been boring for me. But I talked with this boy who is the son of the young mens lider, and he told me that his favorite book is DyC and I said to myself.... how is that possible. This 12 year old that likes DyC more than me.... so i put it to the test and i started reading.... ha the last day my companion had to rest was this last friday, and i read the 42sections that day and it turns out i enjoy it a lot. It makes me remember the scripture when jesus said that everyone should be as a little child, meek and humble. And everyone who should be meek like a child will enherit the kingdom of God. Something like that.... I know exactly how it iswritten is spanish, but in english who knows.... haha only you guys because i feel like i am a mexican now.... No not true ha. But we need to remember to be humble and we need to learn how to do things that we think we dont like to do, and i am grateful for the12 year old who has shown me that something is not boring. Our investigators are alright...The few that we have. . We are still teaching them Norma and a family thatwe have found that we havent yet had the time to teach them. They havent given us the time yet. : ) they are busy, This is what is happening lately. In the zone we have had 2 baptisms in this past month. As the Culiacan Mexico mission we have almost completed our goal for baptisms this year. We are doing very well with baptisms. We will for sure go over our goal above and beyond.... our goal is 200 and we already have 156. It is amazing howthe missionaries are now coming in sooo young and powerful, especially the sisters.... I am sure lots of the baptisms are from the hermanas!!!! They work very hard. I love everyone. I am grateful for the work,and i am happy trying to work my hardest to finish up strong!!! Love you all and thank you for all your support. Hope you have a good week!!!! love Elder Fellingham Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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