Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

ahhhhhhhh semana santa---... This week is always a sad week. Not really haha, but this past week was easter, here they call it semana santa. Here in Culiacan during this past week, everyone leaves. Culiacan is empty.... Everyone went to the beach or they traveled somewhere else. There were a couple of days that me and my companion walked down the streets and there was just nobody.I started whistling The whistle that is in like cowboy movies when the street is empty and there a few tumble weeds rolling a long haha. It was really empty this last week. Luckily we did have a good week and we were able to find people to teach. The only people we couldnt find were our investigators. Lots of our investigators that are progressing left on vacation.... They should be getting back today and tomorrow, so we are really looking forward to teach them, and figure out if they are home now. The family of six are progressing really well... I really want to see them. We found a family of 5 that are less active, we invited them this last sunday and they came!!! I was soo happy to see them. The dad is divorced and he has a girlfriend. She is also interested in the gospel.So we are looking forward to get to know them better. They have a 9 year old son that could be baptized really quickly, but we would rather have the parents fully active before we baptize him. We dont want to create more inactives.... : / but they are a good family. We have been finding lots of less actives in these past weeks. Our map is growing with little dots of numbers. It is how we organize our maps. The streets are filling up with new people that we are finding. This past week i ate oyster and raw fish in a ceviche. It was reall yummy!!!! It is one of the foods that i will miss the most. During the hott seasons everyone is eating sea food. Mariscos!!!! a brother from the ward told me he is going to get me some manta ray and turtle to try.... haha they are things that one has to try, it is once in a life time. They tell me that the turtle smells really funky sooo i am not so sure about it. They also eat iguana, and armadillo. but those i think i will pass..... im not so sure. Me and my companion were asked to talk in church this past sunday, and we never talked.... haha una hermana elso talked and she took up the whole hour.... she talks alot and it is really difficult toteach her sometimes because she never lets us leave her house... But i was going to talk on being shepherds of israel. It is my favorite talk!!!!! i really like it. Its by John R lasater.I would encourage everyone to read it. Love you all me and my companion are doing great!!!!! The zone is well, we will be having three baptisms in our zone, My companion and i have really been focusing on how we can help our zone have success. We have been calling them in the night to see how they are doing , how was there day, and how are there investigators. We are also doing more divisions with them so we can help them with there needs. bad news is that my neck and back have been hurting lately. It is not a strong pain, sometimes i am just super tired and i feel like i need to sit down or stretch my back. I am going to see the same specialist i saw a year ago... when i was hit by the truck, i am going tomorrow to check what is going on. lately it has been bugging me more than usuall. It feels like it is just the muscles that are bugging me.... i dont know what it is, but everything is good!!! il let a know what happened next week!!! I love all of you and i hope you all have a great week!!!!!!!!! Be Shepherds of Israel and do your duties that you all have in the church!!!! The true Church. Love you all. Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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