Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hey everyone hope all is going well. This past week was reallycrazy for me, we were really busy all week long. Last week was crazy also because i didnt even receive enough time to write what i wanted to say. Yesterday was really crazy. After church finished there was a huge wind storm here in Culiacan. Culiacan is basically just dessert.... and it kicked up sooooooooooooooooooo much dust in the air, we had a really hard time seeing where we were going when we were walking in the street. I put on some glasses that i had before we walked outside and they helped me a lot to not get sooo much dust in my eyes. There were metal sheets flying around, and lots of trash... lotsof just everything... hah We got to the house where we ate, la hermana Calderon! she cooks amazing and we ate and by the time that we left the storm had died down a little bit. It wasnt raining at all there were just big clouds and a big dust storm. I had three shirts outside and they got destroyed.... luckily i have enough still. and im fine because i am almost done.. Sadly. : ( but our house was full of dust when we gout home, i sweeped up three big piles of dust when we got home, and the dust was just in everything. Our clothes that we were wearing all day were just super dusty and everything i touched i felt dust dust dust.... We are officialy looking for a new house that is better than this one that we have.: ) i have bad news.... i lost 200 and something pictures.....: / there was a virus in a computer and wheni was trying to sendthem to you all it damaged my card... good bye a little bit of villa union.... and my first change in villa verde... Dont worry my companion has all the pictures also. The majority and i will eask him to send them to me. but it is sad because i hadgood pictures in there.... : ( This past week almost all of our investigators that we had found the week before they have told us that they arent interested....or they cantlisten to us anymore. Maribel cant because her husband wont let her, Rosario sent a text message to us saying that she cant learn from us.... I fell like her parents said something to her. and sarahi we havent seenbecause she is soooo busy with school. But tonight we are going to see her. This last sunday we talked in church,and me and my companion were asked to talk on missionary work. I had prepared the talk a week before and we helped themembers a lot understand and they all told us that they really liked our talks afterwards. They were asking us to pass by there houses so that they could give us people to teach ha. We talked a lot about how now is the time where missionaries and members are working together. This is what theprophet has asked us to do in these days, and this is what we are going to do. The members werereally animated after our talks. I shared a story with them about a missionary and some of them were crying after i finished... i also when i was telling the story was almost about to cry, but i didnt haha...... It was pretty touchy the story. I would share it ut i dont have all the time to share it, if you remind me in some months i will share it with everyone. Me and my companion are well. I am a little sick, i have been a little sick the whole past week. I have a little cold nothing more.. Im taking medicine. Wefound out that this next change we will receive two hermanas in villa verde with us. They will be working with us in our ward, and we have divided our boundaries into two, and we have already found them a house for when they get here! Pretty soon there will be more sisters than elders... We have to get back to work now!!!! Sorry that my messages are so short lately. I dont like not being able to share as much as I want, but i have it all written in my journal! so its okay. Still have all the memories written! I hope everyone has a good week and i love you all!

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