Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014

This is going to be short, but we had a good week this last eek, we worked really hard. ! We started waking up early in the morning and we are going to a gym where a member is teaching us kung foo!!!! haha the first time was a good work out, and we have been sore all week, we have complained all week.... haha that our muscles hurt. But it was a good experience, The guy that is taching us is less active and we are trying to re activate him and his family. We are going back in the moning this wednesday!!! whooo We have found three new investigators Maribel, Sarahi, y Rosario. They are all very nice, and accepting to our teachings, they have all accepted a baptismal date!!! and we will be working with them. They were all very spiritual lessons, Maribel shows lots of interest, and sarahi also has a lot of questions. Rosario wanted to know if she could be with her grandma again because she has just barely passed away. She is nice and wants to know a lot more. The only problem with her is her schedule. She goes to school almost every day. We are progressing a lot. This past sunday was stake conference and it was very spiritual. It was directed a lot towards mission work and lots of youth stood up and bore there testimonies and shared there feelings towards going on a mission. They were all very good, and i was happy because there are two from a ward that i served in that want to go, and then right now there are two others that also want to serve in our ward where i am right now. We will be having a huge activity for families this saturday on and island inbetween a big river that runs through Culiacan, and i am looking forward to that, Our whole stake is going to be their including lots of none members. We are going to be their doing a survey so we can receive more references. and singing and other things to attract the people that will be their. Everything is going well, working hard and loving the work. We have been really busy lately and it has been hard to put time inot other things : ) but here i am writing shortly about what is happening. I love you all and i hope you all have a good week!!!!!!!!!! I will for sure write more next monday, Next monday wont be so crazy. Love you all,!!!! Elder Fellingham Culiacan, Villa Verde

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