Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

No puedo creer que ya vamos a terminar el año................ I cant beleive we are almost going to finish this year....... wow : ) Heyyy I hope everyone is doing well, Mi and my companion are. No sickness, this whole past week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo These past week went really well, i was really happy to be able to see all of our investigators and the members, the members thought that we had left... ha but no, we tought a lot of people this last week, andso did my district, they were awesome this week. we feel so great and i feel like my companions are really working hard. Theya are really trying to do there best, and thats what i like to see. It makes me happy when i can see there efforts grow, and when i can see things change, and i feel like to be able to watch them just gives me more happiness to be able to see others grow in the gospel, i not only see mine and my companions, but also all of them in my district. Lidia is one of our investigators, she is progressing really fast, the only problem she has is drinking coffee..... Yesterday i gave her a calender and she really has a desire to stop drinking it, she knows its bad for her body, and i am really hoping this calender trick will help her out. To see her progress, and to stop drinking it, I told her to put another beverage or other drink every day that she can have other than drinking coffee. She is doing everything else, going to church, reading and praying. she is awesome, then another investigator named francisco came to church this last sunday, it made me soooo happy to see him their. The president of the branch pointed to the back, and i was like what? and then i saw francisko and his bald head in the back, and i was like YES!!!! and i went back and sat by him. He really liked it, and i know he felt the spirit. !!! Blanca is another investigator. She is progressing but slowly, all she has to do is make the decision to get baptized, and we will fill up the font........... ahhhhhhh it is soooo stressfull for me to see her not taking advantage of it. All of her family are members except her. She is more shy and quiet, and she told me when she was little she had problems with having friends, but she is really nice and sweet.... she is 22? i think but she just doesnt have a testimony about joseph smith.... she is waiting still to receive an answer. but she said she will study about joseph smith this week on her cell phone. thats the only thing she laks. Jackie i hope everything went well with your baby, he looks like he will have blonde hair also. I hope everything went well he has a little grandpa face. : ) all babies do, but he will grow into himself. love you guys miss you. Angela, I am happy your taking lots of pictures of people, It sounds interesting to me photography, i need to learn more about it when i get home so i can take better pictures for mom. Tell your kids i miss em, i love them. I cant wait to play soccer with them. Joy i am suprised that caitlyn got stitches, carving pumkins can do that, i wish i could of carved a pumpkin , i would have but they dont even have them down here.... pfff. now thanksgiving is coming and for sure we will have a turkey. We are going to have a dinner with all the members in the church, we just started planning it. Missy how is the oil thing coming along, Miss you guys, and i cant wait to see all your kids and how grown up they are. Danny how was your cruise, ??? I want to go on one when i get back.Love you guys, miss hazel. how is your motorcycle, keep it in good shape for me when i get back. , ) Dad i am happy that you had your personel best!!!!!!!!! for golf, its super good you got it before the snow hits,,, well???? Have you even had snow yet, has utah had snow, i miss it. Iwant someone to send me a picture of it so i can see it. I am going to take my shirt off and go roll in it the next time i see it. Mom i am soo happy to hear that your trip went really well. It mademe really happy to hear that you will be someone to help grow the gospel in china throughout your books andwhatyou teach. Ihad areally good impressin about it mom after you and dad told me about that, i feel like i received a spiritual impression. I think you should look into that more. on how you can teach the people of chine with using the gospel. I am happy your trip went well, And did you get any pictres while you were on the wall of china?????? i want to see. I love you guys, hope you have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay healthy, keep smiling. share the gospel with others! Love elder fellingham. Fun fact i will complete 17 months in 2 days. month marker whoooo!!!!!!! or 18?? im not sure ithink 17 but time is moving by fast, ....

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