Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013

Sorry i didnt write monday, I feel bad, but the reason why is because yeahhh........... another week in the hospital. but good news is that we just got out today, we went in last sunday because my companion got dengue. Its like the mexican flu. Dengue is when you get bit by mosquitos and you get a virus. But it hit my comp hard, i feel really bad for him, he just got over bronchitis, and now this,. yeah i felt really bad. I think his immune system is just a little week, but!!! okay so this is what happened, he started feeling worse, so i was like were going back to the hospital. We left after the second class of church, my poor companion was sweating like crazy, he just looked horrible... We got to the hospital and the doctor checked him, they `` said`` they did test, but they didnt do anything, This doctor was different.... and to tell everyone the truth he was a bit of a jerk. This doctor said well i am just going to give your companion medicine and you can go home.... And then i was like NO!!!!! i got upset with him, and i was like okay, me and my companion came in here two weeks ago, and you put him in the hospital for four days, no if my companion feels worse,,,, worse than he did last time you are not just going to give him medicine,... and send him home. Plus our apartment and our area is an hour away from mazatlan, i said there is no way we are going back. This doctor alled our last doctor, and then that doctor came, and he said well you can stay in the hospital, So this past week i was with my ompanion again in the hospital. , I got to go out and go back to my area one day during the week with one of our zone leaders. It kind of felt pointless, but i was actually really happy to go out and see people and teach the gospel. I was in the hospital for three days and then i got a break of being their. and then we stayed their for two more days. Got to listen to music, read, and sleep. One thing that i will really miss is the high powered showers that are in the hospital: ) Those were really nice, My companion improved every day little by little, and now we are in this computer place waiting to go to stake conference. We will go to the priesthood session and then go home. My companion told me that thats what he wanted to do, so he feels good and is ready to get back to work. So this past week was basically just another chance to see all our hospital friends, haha, It was all the same people and they are all really nice and awesome. we helped some with english, and lots of the doctors speak english. so everything went well. and everything is better now. We will have changes in a week... i feel like a bad trainer........... but i havent had any time to be able to teach my companion... all the time in the hospital we did some things, but not a lot. all in all, i feel like he has learned a lot, but also with the training no. . But he knows a lot of doctrine, he knows how to teach, he feels like the only thing that stops him is his ability to speak. But he does speak spanish a lot better then when he started. : ) so i am happy to be able to see him improve. I want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought it had already past.... hah but no it hasnt. Someone told me that, and i was like oh man..... i missed telling my family. and then he told me oh just kiding its in a week. So i am happy for all of you and your support. And i love you. I am very thank ful for lots of things. For life, for happiness, and my awesome family and friends. I am also very thankful for the gospel. and my Heavenly Father. Mom and dad how was LA what were you doing their, what happened. Im well and healthy. Sorry i didnt write. : / but here it is, we are still alive. : ) well the top pretty much explains everything. But hey im happy that there is snow in Utah, I know you wouldnt agree with that dad.... but i think you would if you lived in mexico for a year and a half, haha. I too am grateful for music, whenever we sing hymns here the spirit is automatically received! It is an amazing tool that the lord has given us, I feel like when i get home i am going to be practicing a lot more music. Its one of my dreams to be able to play the guitar better. Here in mexico I hear the guitar all the time., i really like acoustic music. Thanks for all your love and support!!! i miss you guys. Just remembered something mom , my companion told me that his mom has your book, haha. He saw your picure on your global womens thing and he said MY mom has our moms book haha, i was like thats awesome. : ) he is going to ask if she liked it. JAckie and david i am happy you got your new baby!!!!!!!! he has sparkly eyes, ha but tj i like that name, its a good one. I hope everything is going well with you and your family!!!!!!! love you guys. I received the package that you sent mom, thank you for everything, !!!!!!!! I couldnt wait to open it up... so yeh i opened all of it up... I dont even remember when the holidays are when i am here o i just figured i would open it....... haha but thank you very much!!!!! They are verynice books, and i am already almost done with the henry b eyring. Had lots of time to read in the hospital. ha its a good book. ! The candy has already been eaten, thanks for donating to the cavities for kids foundation..... but it was all very good. Now more kids in mexico have even whiter smiles. anyways, i love everyone!!! Miss you guys, hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!! Love Elder Fellingham

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