Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Dear familia!!!!!! This is going to be a short letter i think, i will try to type as much as i can, but ah i have sooo many people to write i feel like, ha I have started to write jameson funk, and other friends from the mtc, they are not long letters, but most of my time is just reading. So i guess i just have to learn how to read faster. But this past week was even faster than the last. I am kind of counting down this week i dont know why. Its because Of all the excitement for the new mission and the new presidents..... I am trying my best to stay focused though.... It is very hard, and i feel very ancy,,,, haha I am definitly ready for a change. Elder Ruiz and i are very much the same type of person,,,, and it gets kind of boring sometimes haha. We started a new game with kicking rocks inbetween strides of walking. and we try to make it inbetween the feet of the other apponent.... We changed our house. and that has taken up a lot of time........... but the house is sooo much bigger and nicer and the bathrrom works and the shower head, We were bathing with the fouset in our old house. : / : ) but we are very happy to be in our new house. I am bad with this address because we are hardly ever working by our house. I will get the address next week because i am running out of time to type. but you can look it up dad. and then i will give you my new area too if i get changed. We are still working with the same investigators. The family zepeda, and francisco and family ruiz. Familia ruiz were a reference and we contacted it. They are really nice, but i think they have been lying to us. well only the husband. We are not sure, we will se the next time when we go to their house. but he has been telling us that he is a fisherman, and he is going to leave for the next month to go work out in the ocean. and everytime that we have gone to their house he has still been their. but they have the book of mormon, and the husband tells us that when he leaves he wants to take the book and read it when he is out. He said he gets bored and he has lots of time to do nothing.. . . but read ha so that works out pretty well. He can figure out the truth when he is fishing, and then he will come back and tell all his fmaily and then they will all get baptized. GREAT STORY!!! Fransisco is an investigator that has all the lessons, He works in aplace called cafe marino. Its a coffee industry : / sadly to say......... He used to have an addiccion to coffee but now he says he doesnt. He misses out on the encouragement of his wife in the church. His wifes name is almendra, In english that means Almond....? what? yeah... But his wife is a member and doesnt help him with the things that we teach, but çwe encourage her a lot. A lot of it is them just being lazy to follow up with our commitments. This change has been a little hard trying to get to know all the people because the area is humgous!!! but if i stay here everything will get figured out. I cant promise now because i dont know if i will be changed... but if i stay i promise that i will make this area a better place than before. not that we havent, but i will try to amke some big changes..... They definitly need it. But these are the two main families and people we have been trying to teach this whole entire change....... lots of the people here have denied us in our faces, and it has been uhmmmm one of the more challenging areas with the people. but It has been a good change. The time has just gone by sooo fast though. I hope everyone is well. Im well and healthy. Everything is good. Everyone will find out all the changes next week, whether im staying or leaving 13 hours up north : ) into a different mission. NO i havent gotten any boxes yet. but dont worry they will come. I have my good friend patience by my side. !!!! I love you all my fmaily, and my parents. Heidi thank you very much for the pictures!!!!!!!! Im very glad that i can see the family, danny looks like he is getting a little bit older. maturing thats very nice. they are still the two same brothers that i left, not paying attention when they are supposed too. But thats okay. And yes emily and caitlyn look lots bigger!!!!!!! wow, alex looks taller, Their are lots of changes: ) I love you guys and miss you. I am very greatful for all of your support and love. Take care, my letter will be bigger next week!!!!!!!!!! Love elder fellingham

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