Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013

Okay this past week was very good. I finally bought medicine yesterday, so i feel better alot better... I have been sick for two weeks.... but i am getting better. I think it was something i ate..... hahh we have been eating some pretty crazy stuff since i have been here.... Things that people in the united states usually never even thought they could eat.... yehhh. i have had a lot of stuff,,, that i wont ever eat out of my mission eever again... we ate something called igalo,,, its the innerds of cow. its like liver, and then we ate cows heart. and menudo.... its other innerds of cow,,, yumm.. But no it was like the worst hour of my life. hah but no i didnt complain and i ate it anyway,,, The menudo,,, i did not finish, i told the hermana im full. : ) after i ate about half. It is a weird texture. anyways, that was my past week,,, no ha we have been finding a lot more people too teach. When i got her there was not really any potential investigators. The only one was the one who got baptized. and he is progressing fast still. last sunday he received the priesthood. !! its awesome to watch your investigators take off in the church! very exciting. We woke up early this morning and played a lot of soccer. !!!!!! it was super fun. ! getting better at it. ha. and i got a haircut. i dont like it,, but i have just kinda realized that in the mission it doesnt really matter. IT is always short. But their have been other short haircuts that i have gotten that i have liked more. But its all good. We found a new family, and we know that they are going to progress alot. We have been doing incuestas about the church. Its like a survey. Its a way we can get fast references, and really see if the people are interested or not... : ) we have been doing it with each area!!! it is fantastic!!!!! We have received a lot more people to visit. About the mission changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not know what mission i am in until the end of this change. The end of this change is the 22 of this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure we will get some type of information before the changes. When i know i will tell the family!!!!!!! they will send about 50 to 60 missionaries por alla! I have heard from our zone leaders that in the last meeting they had with our president, that there are some missionaries that are in our district, or zone that will be going to the new mission. I am still not sure if i will be called to over their. The chances are 50% fifty fifty. I have a year left in the mission still. : ) and yes in 9 days i will have one year in the mission..... ahhhh the time!!!! where did it go! Love you mom glad that you found out the other things you need to do to get your book in!!!!! i hope that you can receive more people in these sites, keep working!!!!! i love you, and i know ha that picture, all the missionaries in my district are brown. Even elder faamousili he is american,, but tongan so he is brown. I am the only white person in my district hah... but we all love each other, and we have been having a blast this change. love you!! thanks for the heart picture hah. I am well feeling better, everything is good.!!!!!! here in mazatlan is a vacation spot. So i see other white people, They are really bright!!!!!!! haha its like a light in the dark. but everything here is really chill. its relaxed, and the people are always smoking. our area is one of the more dangerous areas, there are lots of bars, and strip clubs, and there are a lot of guys.... Some guys were kissing at me making noises with there lips yesterday, that was weird. they can be really funny sometimes also. There is a gay that is a super big guy...... oh my gosh,,, hahah Its like really..... ha how did you confuse yourself. anyways, this hange has gone by so fast, we will have changes in 3 more weeks, we are starting the fourth week of the change. I cant beleive it. Thanks for the pictures very much!!!!! i was happy to see everyone!!! Happy Birthday Dad, im sorry i didnt get your letter to you on time....: / i went to DHL here and they said it would cost me 500 pesos just to send a letter.... thats like 50 dollars and then i went to fed ex after and they were closed.... sooo i will try to send this letter to you tomorrow. thats the only day when we are in the main city and the post office is their.... But Happy Birthday i love you. !!!!! We finally got our bike repaired, well the bike of my companion, so we are on bikes now, much more faster!!!!! but my butt hurts after the day, the last time i rode a bike was in Escuinapa, my first area. But its fun to be on bikes. Our area is huge, so they help a lot. !!!!! I hope all the family is doing well. They all look good, I miss jcws and red robin, wow two of my favorite places to eat. Great birthday if you ask me. And i saw commercials somewhere in culiacan of star trek, It looks good, : ) i hope you liked it. Anyways. life is good! our next baptismal date is the 15th i hope it goes through. we will see. Your house will be all finished by the time i get home joy joy, But tell kenneth to keep up the hard work!!!! give your family my love. well i love everyone, and have a good next week, be safe!!!! read your scriptures : D

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