Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 27, 2013

This past week was good. We did a lot of divisions!!!!!!! i was hardly in my own area, ha i think with this change it is something that we will be doing a lot!!! when we do divisions we spend the day and night with another area. But we both switch, It was pretty fun! im a little tired though from walking in different areas. ha that im not used too. but it was very good. Also we had a very spiritual experience with our zone, there is a pair of missionaries that are both white, gringos and one of them is brand new in the mission, and the other one is of the same generation as me. The new missionary has been really sick lately, and The one with the same generation as me is opening the area by himself... I feel bad for them, but our whole zone went their for one day and we just contacted people for an hour straight. We did a survey thing and we received soooo many references, almost 150. it was super good, and super fun. Our zone is all really close also. We all know each other. We did divisions with the zone leaders also and i was with Elder Faamusili. in their area they have an island that they go too, and we went to the island when i was their!!!!! it was super cool. They have people that they teach on the island. We took a little boat over their. It reminded me of the movie the other side of heaven,,, hah, It was super cool though. Super fun!!! We also had a baptism this past saturday, his name is Josias!!! he was baptized by my companion saturday and i confirmed him sunday, It all went well,, But we need to work with the members... because hardly no one showed up at his baptism........ Their were few but it was sooo nice, and the spirit was felt. !!! I hope everyone is doing well, I am happy that you are back safely mom, i am glad that lots of your meetings were a success, and you met new people, !!! also with this new book you are writing how awesome!!!!! I am happy with what you are getting out of it, You definitly deserve a new car, please make a wise decision with this car so it will last you a very very long time : ) i hope you still like the ones that we were looking at together! i like those ones. Dad i am glad that you get to be with mom now ha you guys were away for quite some time!!!! i know that fathers day is coming up and your birthday i am putting a letter in the mail for you so i hope you get it. They have a very good mail service here in mazatlan so you should get it, I will try to send more letters this change!!!!!!!! I love everyone, My nephews and my nieces have been on my mind, i hope everyone is well with school, and activities, soccer, preach my gospel lessons. Summer is going to start soon right??? i dont know. but give everyone my love.!!!!!!! Mom and dad, what are your plans for a mission? just i have been wondering that : ) i dont know why, but yeah just a wild question. I love everyone, and im well,,, i have been sick this past week.... i have had something wrong with my throat... i think i have an infection,,, : / it hasnt left since last monday, but il be fine, im going to buy medicine right after i write this letter. It has been a little difficult to find new people to teach in this area, it seems like the people before had the same problem,, but were trying to fix that, anyways.. Love everyone, Les amo mucho!!!!!!! adios hasta pronto.

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