Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Today we had changes!!!!!! I am in Mazatlan right now, it is the 2nd biggest city in my mission i beleive i am not so sure. But i already like it a lot. I dont really like the cities in the first place, but i like Mazatlan, It is a tourist place, it smells like seafood all over, and it seems fun, I got off the bus into Mazatlan and i forgot how much more humid it is here than up North. But it isnt that bad, We are really close to the ocean and i like it, Our house is a nice house, and i put up all my things just barely, I am glad i got a change. I have only had two areas where i have stayed for two changes. I like moving around and i prefer moving than staying. . .  I love seeing all the places in mexico. Well sinaloa... : ) My companion is really friendly, it already seems like we have a lot in common, The things that we need to do is buy, clean clothes and write at the place that has computers and buy water, and all these places are like within 100 ft of the house, it is pretty awesome, I will be getting to do a lot more things like write in my journal more, and read and study in my scriptures more, so i am happy about that. We have a terf field of soccer right next to the house it is really nice,! we are going to play soccer a lot my companion told me haha,,, and i need it, it will help me out physically, the more health the better. I am soooo happy i got to talk with everyone yesterday, i was worried i wasnt going to be able to talk with mom, but i am happy i got to and she could communicate with me from australia, hah it was weird because my Comapnion Elder Morrise skyped with his mom from Korea!!!! and i talked with my mom from Australia. It was very interesting how it all worked out. But i am glad everyone is doing okay . I dont know why we only got an hour to talk though, They gave us two hours on christmas, but i dont know. I am just happy i got to talk with everyone. I miss all of you, I left a lot of progressing investigators in libertad,,,, but i know that they will be taken care of by the next missionaries,,,  i really got used to that ward, il miss everyone... It seems like it just gets harder and harder to leave the people that you get so used to,,, my mission is just flying by... I cant beleive it, i have 11 months today. Someone told me today that 12 months is just the peek where the rollercoaster just starts going down from their.... Ahhhh i dont want it to go by any faster,,, haha I really am enjoying and loving my mission, I am happy i get to start fresh though again with other new people for me to get to know. I am excited to get to know them and help them.

Well i hope you travel safe mom, !!!! keep your feet up, :) dad thats really cool that your going to brazil, maybe mom can plan to go down with you, she can plan a global womens summit the same time as you and you can both go down there together and have a little vacation!! : ) that would be nice. you could go surf in brazil : ) ha or scuba dive. I love you guys. Im glad i got to hear your voices yesterday. It wasnt as weird as the last time, Atleast it didnt feel that way. on christmas, my words were still a little messed up but not as much.

Anyways i love everyone!!!!!!! Hope all is well, tell alex after this change that i will be an expert in soccer. . .  haha no,  and im gona come home and woop all your butts,  : ) in futbol!!!!!  Darrol and steve i think its a really good idea if you give Greg Hill my email and i will start sending him real situations where the future missionaries can start practicing!!! and role playing with each other in the class. It is really important that they know how real the mission is, its the exact same thing they do in the mtc, they do a lot of role playing. !!!!!!! acting like they are investigators and missionaries. and door approaches.

Love everyone, take care este semana. Love Elder Fellingham

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