Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

Okay so this past week has been good!!! We are progressing! we are going to have a baptism this saturday! His name is JosiasIm excited for that because we have invited a lot of people to come and watch that are investigators! It is always good for them to see how we do baptisms, and its a good oppurtunity for them to feel the spirit and the spirit will tell them if its true or not. Mazatlan is sooooo beeautiful!!! We went out today and took a lot of buses around and its my favorite place so far. It is right next to the beaqch and the city is sooo pretty! We went to sams club today.... hah and everything was really good. We got up at six this morning and played soccer with our whole zone, I was really suprised with how well i did, and how much energy i had. I have been working out a lot and i wanted to keep playing after mostly everyone stopped. Me and some of the other elders kept playing. my companion and elder Fa´amousilii!!!! Hah he is samoan, he is so cool. Me and him are really good friends. But thats what we did this morning. And afer i washed all my clothes by hand : ) we dont have a washer : ) its my third area where we havent had one, so its not a big suprise. I can do it pretty fast by now. We had a good day with hanging out with all the elders. We have a really cool Zone, They are all people that i already know except for my companion and another one. buts its really nice how we can all get a long and not need to try and make friends.. : ) because we alreay all are. All the people here in Mazatlan are really chill and laid back!!! You can tell that there is a lot of marijuana,, hah i smell it alot wheen i walk past certain areas. Okay.... I thought Libertad was a big area, This area is like three times bigger, we have to take camion bus to other parts that we have... they are too far to walk. We have lots of people that live far a wey also so we have to plan carefully. But the people here are very nice, and the bishop is new, he has about three weeks as bishop, but he is very nice and seems like he knows what he is doing. I hope all the family is well. Thanks angela for your message!!! Thats cool that you are putting a new room!!! cant wait to see it. And yeah its time for kate to get a room!: ) sheesh,,, ; ) haha no but its better that she can grow into it at a young age then she wont have problems when she is a little bit older, I remember when mom and dad made me sleep in my room alone,,, and i was like 11 : / dont tell anyone, hah shhhhh. No but thats cool, Also elise glad your family is doing well, Everyone is always in my prayers. Mom i am glad that all your meetings are going so well!!!!!! ahhh dont say that date haha, 3 months before i finish my mission : ) i dont want that in my mind!!!!!!! : ) i cant even picture myself there... It is soo weird, But i am happy you are having safe travels, i wish you luck with your speeches. I love you mom, Dad i love you too, estas jugando machine de golf!!!!!! You are playing a lot of golf : ) that is awesome, did dennis invite you or did you have meetings in california??? I hope your root canal goes well,,,, I think i might need a few of those when i get home : / ....... not root canals, but probably cavaties.... ehhhh sometimes my teeth hurt, but i kinda just wait it out... tampoc i dont ant to go to a dentist here, i dont trust them. : ) but i try to stay away from the soda,,,, mexico is numero uno in the world for diabetes.... My new companion is Elder Ruiz, he is from tijuana!! he is really laid back. he is cool. Yeah were not going their. But sounds like Melanie is doing well. : ) already has another boyfriend. haha no jk : ) but im so happy your having a good time! ha your pictures are so awesome, Im glad you get along with all of your compas, they all seem and look nice, like nice people. Oh i talked to jameson Funk!!!!! He is doing well, he has six days in the mtc in peru, i have given him advice, he told me he has had some struggles, but just keep him in your prayers. I love you mi familia!!!! Tengan un buen semana.

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