Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

this past week was good, We have just been teaching more and people have come closer to the gospel, We went on divisions we the zone leaders and that was pretty good. We have found new people to teach the family sanchez. Edwyn and his wife alma and there little new baby bridgette. They are very awesome, they are just not married, they asked us if we can be there witnesses and we said yes, They said they are going to talk about it more, and tell us when, We have tought them the first lesson, and they have been keeping up with all of our promises, of reading and praying, we are going to see them tomorrow, They went to the class of matrimony, they really want to start their family and do it right, They are very awesome and progressing very fast, Also their is another couple that is in the same situation, We went early sunday morning to invite them to church and we didnt think they were going to come, but they did!!!! it was good also, He is a member but his wife isnt and she has never really had another church in her life besides ours, so we need to do everytrhing perfect with her : ) But this is where me and my companion are, i am healthy and happy. I feel like me and my companion have come a long way talking and helping each other, so thats good, he is learning still and so am i.We will have changes this next monday so i presume that i will get a new companion, Elder Holland is coming in 12 days, so we are still preparing the choir for him, He will be speaking on how we are going to be splitting the missions. We will find out in june what mission we will be placed in, Everything is great, i have been praying and fasting for a few things. I hope that everyone is well. I love all the family i hope you are all well, Im glad melanie got to her mission safely, sounds like she loves it so far. : ) i am very happy for her, I addume mom is traveling or something, but i love you mom, hope you are doing well, dad told me about the win and what you are doing, i am happy things are progressing. I love you and dad, Thank you dad for starting to include us both, i like it that way, hah, It is easier for everyone to know what is going on. Anyways, my message is not going to be that long today, but i am well, And i hope for everyone else to be the same, Love you guys,!! Your all in my prayers.

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