Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

: ) SOrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy im late. . . . . I am okay. . Yesterday we just had a lot of things to do. I think it was partly because i still dont know where everything is in thi new area. . . I am in Libertad Culiacan. . . I am in the city. I feel like there is sooo much to say in this letter and i probably wont get it all out. but here i go, Anyways, My companions name is Elder Castillo, and he is pretty cool, He likes to draw like me, and we have some things in common, he only had two more changs though in his whole mission, sooo he will be finishing up in a little bit, He is from wahhaka? more south of mexico city. He is pretty cool though, we get a long. I feel like i have been a little lazy here my first week. . . . trying to get back in the habit of things. . . and to think i was only out for a week. . . it really kind of mssed me up. I can tell that my spanish is a little worse. . . well atleast i feel that way, i dont know if it really is like that, but i just feel . . . . behind : / and i am just trying to catch up. I have been going to this place for therapy. Its called medico tres rios. . and i just go there and it is in the center of Culiacan and they put little electrode things on my back and lave me for an hour, and thats it. Mel me recuerdo cuando usted tenido su accidente en su carro y necesitaba terapia,,,, Cada vez cuando me voy me recuerdo todos los dias cuando fuimos para ti. : ) y todo el tiempo cuando esta en el cuarto estoy pensando sobre tu. : ) hah te amo. Anyways. . . its going well, the guy that does my therapy is inactive, and all he does the whole time we are their is make fun of Johovas witnsses. . . . hah. . . but its getting old now. and i can feel like my back is getting stronger but today my back has been really uncomfortable. i dont know why. . . but i hope i can sleep good tonight. Last night i didnt sleep that well. .It is getting hotter every day and it is going to be super hot pretty soon. . . I thhink thats why i couldnt go to sleep last night. but im good... I have been taking cold showers every morning. The warm thing to our shower doesnt work. . . Sorry if my spellinhg is bad this keyboard is kinda crappy. . . . : / but everything is going well. . . everything is really different here in the city, the people ar really different, and they speak differently also. . . I was supposed to go back to los mochis that is where the president assigned me to be. . . but because of my accident and therapy i wasnt able to go back, i really miss it, and we were about to baptize a family there. . . ugh it can be frustrating sometimes, I am trying to be better at specific things in my mission and it is hard to not be frustrated sometimes. . . but i know that i need to always be a good example to th people, and not get frustrated with them. . The church here in Culiacan is very big, and our ward has about 150 members in it, we had fast and testimony meeting last sunday and there were 130 members their. It suprised me after the second counselor got done sharing his testimony and right after about twenty or so members got up and we up to the pulpit together. It was really cool to see. It shows how strong the ward is, ALmost everyone went up and shared their testimon, I watched almost 130 go up and share. . . it was such a sight to me to see. It was a testimony builder. Their are soooo many hills here in this area, and the boundaries of our area are really big. I get really tired of walking hah, but i am getting back into the working mode, and doing ting again. My legs are getting stronger, every step we take up a hill is like a lunge,. . its like san francisco hills but they are just pure dirt. Everything is well here, we have a baptismal date for a 12 year old named demetrio, his family is inactive but we have reactivated their family, and he is the only on that hasnt been baptized. His date is th 14 of march. It is so weird to think that it is march. . . . Time is Flying. . . . I miss everyone and i hope everyone is okay, Yuor all in my prayers individually, and i miss everyone. I was wondering mom in my next package that you send if you could send me a mini preach my gospel. They started making those, the big ones are really hard to carry everywhere, well their not hard they just take up a lot of space. thank you i love you. I hope you have a great trip to singapor? what city??? wow, i hope you have success and you travel safely. i love you mom. I am doing well, my back is healing and getting better. Dad hope school is going well. Miss you love you. You can look up libertad in Culiacan, I am on th street 14 I dont have a name yet. . . the names ar all pretty crazy here, We have a nice house i like it. Were on the second floor, and the inside is pure tile. Its nice we have a couple balcony doors, and we can go on the top of our house. its cool. We started contacting people in the street again. thats always fun... hah. The church is really organized here, and we dont need to worry about small things anymore in the ranches that we were in it was always a little bit disorganized- but here it is just everything is organized, and we have a bishop and everything. It is just very different to me. . . i have never been in an area like this, and i like being in the little ranchitos more. . . i dont like the big city. Every car that passes i always have to look behind me to see if it is going to hit me. I am healthy, eating well. i want to start xercising but i dont know if i should. . . I started exercising a lot in ruiz Cortinez and then accident and now i feel all fat again. . haha, all is well though. I love it when people send me pictures, NEW Pictures. . . . : ) .... por favor, not old ones, i need to see what i am missing in the family, Thank you Heidi for your pictures and the packag with rice krispis and trail mix, and laffy taffy they are all gone now. . . hahh,, i love the picturs though. i am happy i can show people what my family looks like, please send more, love you soon to be paperized sister into our family!!!!!!!!! : ) im excited for that. Anyways i love everyone sorry im a day late, Love you my family. Love Elder Fellingham MEl te amo, te extra├▒o tambien, Hah i really like the picturs, my face looks weird though it looks all skinny and different,,, ha but you ar beautiful as always,! and i am sooo excited for you and your mission. i have a letter and i wrote it like three weeks ago. . . This next monday i am going to send you some things that you can start preparing to study. I have a lot to say. . . and i really like the pictures you sent me, i got your christmas picture with brittney and your family one, and others, i hope i get some more pics from you before you leave, i miss you, and i know that serving the lord is the best thing in the world we could be doing right now. I hope you can get everything ready to get out in th field and serve with everything in you, tu es un gran ejemplo a mi, su dedicacion y la manera que trabaja es sooo impressive a mi y lo se que va a bendicir muchos personas en su mision. Te amo y espero que recibe un carta en esos proximos semanas. me encanta la anillo, y me gusto la tema hmmm que es de mi, Siempre mi amor, nunca olvide cuan grande mi amor es para ti. Te amo y cuidase Love your Elder Fellingham

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