Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

This past week was good, better than the last one. Im doing better every day, my back doesnt hurt anymore. . . im fine, i still have like three therapies left and everything is great, Mom im sorry your singapore summit didnt have a lot of people, the women that liked it will tell all their friends and the next time you go there will be more people!!! I love you, i hope you travel safely to las vegas and back..!!!!!!!! Please tell missy im soooo happy for her and her new baby girl!!!!! I am very happy an even came out of all the odds : ) she has been waiting for a long time to have a girl and i cant wait to see her. : ) Dad im happy your out on the green again!!!! I am sorry you are sick though. thats a bummer, i hope your cough goes away. I love you and mom, Dad i have a lot of questions, why do the jehovas witnesses think that jesus christ was put on a post other than a cross. Also why do they have changes in their bible, If you could give me scriptures on how jesus christ is the son and our redeemer that are in the old testament that would be great, Its because the jehovas witnesses beleive that God is jehova??? right, I am a little confused with this, Whenever jehova is said in the old testament it is referred to as god? or Jesus christ??? Also if you could tell me a little bit more about Joseph smith and the mazons, Masons???? Masonry, And also if you could explain to me why their is a quorom of the seventy. ? Also i was wondering if you could send me something that i can print off, It is where i receive my authority!!!!! its like My line of authority. of the priesthood. This last week was pretty normal, i feel like i am getting back into routine again, i felt off for the first two weeks. . . . . but nw i am getting back into the missionary work again. I am a little bit worried about my spanish, i feel like i have lost a little bit.... but i am trying to talk as much as i can, i need to work on my grammar more, and i know it just takes practice. . . i need to wake up in the morning early to do it. We have a baptism coming up this next week, i am excited, Demetrio asked me if i would baptize him. . . . i was a little bit suprised because i have only tought him like two lessons. . . . hah my companion and the other missionary have been teaching them. We have found some new people to teach and nne are really ready for baptism. . . well i feel like everyone is ready for baptism it just depends on how we help them, We have been teaching the same people, we had two divisions this past week, one with our zone leaders and the other with achilles serdan. They had a baptism yesterday after church,a nd then after we had a missionaries fare well for a 19 year old named jesus, he is very cool, and ready to go . He is going to mexico city, and he didnt have enough money to go so lots of the members pitched in and gave him things, it was very cool. I gave him a pair of my shoes, he has the same shoe size, soooo i feel like i helped him, well mom and dad helped him, hah,, he was very grateful though, he will be serving in the city and the choes i bought are for the city, i am in the outskirts of the city and it is pure hills and dirt, my whole mission i have been in the dirt. . . . haha soooo i bought some boots. That was the only thing on the list mom that we did not buy. . . . haha. anyways he is grateful for the shoes. This letter might be a little short, but i dont have a lot to say. I am doing well, and i hope everyone else is doing well. Our president said we can type to whoever we want now!!!! I am now allowed to talk to melanie, I am so happy. and i can talk to friends. Melanie espero que todo esta bien, escribame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; ) les amo mucho Love you guys, I will talk to you next week!!! only two more weeks and then we have changes again. its crazy, six weeks go by so fast.

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