Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 10, 2013

hey, hmmmmmm,, well this past week was fast to me, also kind of slow at the same time. These past week wasnt the best,, and i feel like it could have gone better. Withh my companion that i have right now its really boring,, i dont know why but he is going to finish his mission in two months,, and Its not that he is slowing down, i just dont know how to explain it. It is just super boring with him. He speaks really fast and he doesnt speak loud either. So its been really hard to communicate with him. . . The truth is that its been hard for me here. . . It is not one of my favorites. . . anyways. I dont even have that much to say. Im doing good, kinda frustrated, my back is better, not 100 but better. il finish up therapy. . . it taks a lot of time during our day. we still make up for it though. but their has been days this past week that i just dont feel like im doing enough, and it really hurts me inside. i dont like the feeling. I have been working full days,..and im tired. sometimes i wish i had more energy, Our investigators are doing well, we are still having the baptism of demetrio, it all depends if we can get the lessons in his head though, so we have been seeing him a lot lately. We had divisions the other day, and we switched, i went over to Achilles Serdan the other day and spent the night their, Our district is Elder Castillo, me, Elder Hair, and Elder Hernandez. we had success when we did the divisions, every time we have divisions i see my spanish progress. Always the day after. I dont know how that works. . . . but it has been like that all through my mission. Every day after divisions i speak a ton during the day... more than i normally do. and most of my companions have told me. . .i dont know why, its weird. We had a lesson last night, and we started with a prayer, and during our lesson, people just kept walking through the door, when we finished there were twenty people that were there listening to us. It was really cool to me, also that we could actually pull it off and keep everyone on the same page. . . we did!, it was a little bit of a miracle. Their were like 10 little kids and 10 parents. The spirit was there with us, and we found an inactive family, and received two more baptismal dates because of this lesson. It was very good. and it strengthened my testimony about how people can feel the spirit. Mom I hope you had safe travels, and i am glad that everything was a success, i miss you, and I love you, I am doing better everyday, I feel like hard work pays things off, and that God has blessed me very much... Atleast i have been trying to do my best, and i know i can only try to do better every single day. I hope you are doing okay, i hope everything is going well with the win,, i always hop you are healthy and safe, especially when you travel, i told a women yours and dads age the other day, and she said that i was wrong and that i was talking about my uncle or aunt or something like that, or my grandparents, and then i said well, I am adopted, and she realized and said oh perdon! and I said ha its okay, and then i explained my story with her, and I have just been thinking about everything thhat i am grateful for, and I am very grateful for my loving parents. I really miss you two, and i miss being able to talk to both of you, and receive your input in the moment i need it. My parents and my brothers and sisters are really such a blessing in my life, and i dont know what i would ever do without (This) and the decisions of others to put me where i am today. I am also Gratful to my Heavenly Father that he had the most input in the decision, but i am really just so grateful and i want everyone to know that. I want everyone to know that i love them soo very much. i remember a quote that mom gave me and it says something like everyone is put here on earth with only on wing, and to get back to heaven we can only fly back by embracing each other. I love how the family unit is sooo important in Gods plan, and that we are all soo close to each other, The further the days go on in my mission, the more close I feel I get to my family because in the end thats all that really matters. I love everyone. Dad I am happy you get to start playing golf again, I love you, it is really hard here to get adresses. . . I never have my address memorized when i am here, : / All i know is that if you type in Libertad Culiacan in google maps thats our area, Our church is really close to our house also. so you can probably find the church. We have found a lot of new people since we have been here one thing as a missionary is that you cant be afraid to just go up and talk to someone you dont know. Just do it, and have faith that God will pierce there heart with his words. Also another thing is that if you smile you will always get a good conversation out of someone. It doesnt matter who it is, The only thing that has to happen is that the person who you are going to talk to needs to see your smile first. Anyways hope your Healthy Dad. Elise Hope you and your family is okay, Im good, dont worry bout me!!!!!! I miss you guys, and dont feel pressured that you always have to write me, nobody is obligated, its just what we do as family! : ) i love you. Heidi, I am happy you went and . . . . hmmm i didnt really understand, you went inside the temple, or you went and saw the movie of the temple??? Anyways whatever you and mel did, i hope it was fun : ) hah I hope your well heidi, and i hope everything is going fast with papers so you can be more a part of our family. Thank you for your packages, If you ever decide to serve another mission heidi i will be sure to send you lots of packages : ) We have a medical aide here in our mission and her name is hmna martinez!!!!! and shhe is serving her mission, she has a son thats on a mission and she is divorced, So she decided to serve a year and a half while her son is on his mission, hah!! she is really cool, and she takes really good care of the missionaries. She deals with all the medical stuff in the offices. but hey their are always options when life gets boring. whhich it never is, but Thank you for the pictures!! i love seeing how grown up and different everyone is. Katie has such long hair!!!!! and patrick still looks thhe same, haha maybe he is a little bigger, but thank you very much!!! Joy,,, wow thank you. Thank you thhat is very nice of you!!!!!! now if i get a companion that is boring and doesnt have music i can listen to good music. no ha all of my companions have been cool. But you did not have to do that, thank you, il keep it in good shape and then when i get back it can go to kenneth for when he will serve a mission. It really always is good to have music to uplift.... emotions. . . There are missionaries that have music and some that dont, and i have seen the difference in the missionaries that dont have music and the ones that do, there is a difference... i have felt it in myself also. . . its more uplifting getting ready for the day and then to go outside and preach the gospel, Thank you very much. Love Elder Fellingham Mel, MHm lo tengo mucho para decir : ) primero es que te amo, mucho, un amor que no puedo explicar, y segundo es que estoy un poco triste que no recibi nada de ti, : ( Pero lo se que la vida es lleno de cosas para hacer y no se que esta haciendo. Puede decirme en sus proximas cartas, : ) yo siento que no se,,, Cuando no recibo nada de tu no puedo pensar bien,,,,: / Lo se que los personas dicen la oposicion,,, pero conmigo es diferente, y cuando yo recibo palabras de ti yo puedo trabajar mejor. Tu es alguien que me impulsa!!!! mucho especialmente aqui,,.. Y mi amor no vamos a hablar. . . pues con que va a pasar no se como vamos a hablar con cada quien, quiero ser capaz de hablar con usted tanto como sea posible antes de salir, y lo se que esta occupada, pero yo quiero que tu puedes salir con bien mel. . . Yo quiero ser alguien que puedo ayudarle antes de su mision,. . lo tengo un poquito de supresa que no tienes mas preguntas para mi. : ) ughh no se... espero que estoy alguien que pueda poner su confianza en mi todavia. No quiero perder que teniamos antes, y cada vez cuando mis pensamientos son sobre ti yo puedo recordar los sentimientos que todavia tenemos. Todavia son muy fuertes y muy muy importantes amor. We are still who we used to be and i remember mel. I love you, Nunca pierde que tenemos como pareja, te amo muchisimo. Estoy estresado que casi va a salir usted y no tengo un lugar donde puedo enviar cartas a ti.... Todavia lo tengo mucho para decir, y cosas, escrituras para ayudar te. estoy pronto va a sentir cuán lejos estamos de la otra y no quiero sentir eso. Lo se que la obediencia es muy importante mel, y yo quiero obedecer los reglas de la mision, When you get to your mission outside of the mtc ask your president who you can toalk to please,, who you are allowed to write too. : ) y si no puedes escribirme, nosotros necesitamos averiguar quien va a escribir y la otra no va a escribir, Es mejor que nunca vamos a hablar, que pienses tu?? Tambien mel Por favor enviarme su address of your mission!!!!!!es muy importante, it will be mexico to spain and spain to mexico : ) and then utah to spain : ) : ) : ) hah vamos a escribir a traves el mundo. No puedo esperar love, :_ ) te amo mucho y espero que tienes tiempo a escribirme, Tambien para estudiar, voy a darle escrituras con temas. They are the same struggles that i go through everyday with invstigators and i hope that they will help you be prepared to answer sharply a los personas en españa : ) For though i am far away from you, my heart is with you, and i rejoice that you are living as you should and that your faith in christ is strong Collasions2:5 Love Elder Fellingham All of these are for El dia de reposo (Santificarlo) exodus16:22-30 exodus 31:12-17 Juan 6:53-56 jarom 1:5,8,9 Mosiah13:16-17 Moroni6:5-6 Leviticus 25:1-6 Isaias 58:13 Nehmieahs 10:31 These are for the people that always say they have to work on sunday. Jacob2:18-19 Mosiah 2:41 4 nefi 1: 12,23 1 nefi 17:3 3 nefi 13:31-33 Why are their so many churches 2 nefi 26:20-21 2nefi 28:3-6 4nefi 1:26-30 1 nefi 13:25-27 3 nefi 27:10-11 That should be enough for this week il give more next week, Scriptures are for everyone : ) but mostly mel :) Love you, love everyone-.

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