Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012 Dear, Family!!! : ) Okay sooo this past week Was pretty normal. . . Nothing new, no new investigators, Which is very sad. I felt really bummed this past week and a little frustrated. I dont feel like i am doing my part sometimes . But i know that when we work hard the progress is shown and the hard work pays off.. . so this next week i really want to push my self. I feel like i say this a lot also. I say okay this time do this , and this time do that, but something gets in the way and then the moment is lost and yeah. the devil . . . But me and my companion are trying to work harder, I have been a little bit more strict on things with my companion because well. . . . He isnt very good at having priorities. He doesnt have a routine, and he is everywhere in the morning. and It doesnt help us with our timing. And it is frustrating. So we had a little chat and we talked about priorities. this companion is very interesting this time. sometimes i just dont know what to do. and yeah. I feel like i am complaining a lot right now, but i just need to share. This past week we let go of some of the main people we were teaching because they are not progressing, and that is always sad to do . . . we did it in a very nice way though, and i think we are fine. One was a family that can never come to church by themselves, and the other is a women that has gone through everything, every lesson and her husband doesnt want her to get baptized, and wont let her. We are still trying to figure out why,.. but she is on the list of people we dont teach very much anymore. I am doing well, I am healthy, Last week we had divisions with the ranchito al lado de nosotros y fue bien. Ense├▒abamos un doctor, y i weighed myself and i weigh 176!!!!!!!!! : ///// surprising.... I am not sure how i feel about that because the last time i weighed myself was in the mtc and i weighed 189 / 190. But i am still alive, so no worries. Mom please forgive me for my spelling. This computer is horrible, and all the keys stick when i tpe, and yes. . . there is a lot of dirt inside these keyboards. anyways,, Beatriz is still on for her baptism, we had to shift it up another week because she couldnt come to church this last week, she was in the hospital because she felt sick. The last thing she needs to do is pay her tithes and fast offerings and then we can baptize her. I know she is going to be baptized!! It is just a matter of time. We have two more weeks until the changes and i hope we can get her baptized before then. I really think i will be staying her though when changes come. I am not sure, but i have a feeling that i will be here still. and my companion will be the one to leave. I am excited for the changes, I always am because its something new out of the 6 weeks we have with a person.Ha But these are the things that are going on with me right now. I am excited for christmas, We have one christmas decoration in our house and it is a litte reeth? i think thats how you spell it. but it has litte pictures of baby jesus and the sheperds seeing the star and the wise men, so thats nice. It is fun to see mexicans wearing scarfs and gloves and beanies in the middle of the dessert!!!! Wow, I am just happy it is a little bit cooler in the nights!! But the people seem to tell the difference, and its funny. It makes me crack up inside. Mom, I am so excited for you to be traveling to india, thats so cool, I wish i could go with you, !! And to speak to that many people i would probably faint if i was talking to that many people... I hope you have a really good trip and fly safe!!! I love you, no we dont have bikes yet, but we think we will get some for the next change if i am still here. I hope i get your package soon, Please dont call the mission Office and be mad with them. They dont have control over the mail : / but please dont worry. I know i will get your package soon enough. And also the other packages, Il probably get them the next zone conference more towards christmas!!! More information about the call on christmas I can call on christmas day !!!! at whatever time is best, please give me the time. . . Well. . . Im thinking hmmmm.... they said to figure out with your families when everyoine will be together, and then they said to call during that time so we as missionaries can talk to everyone. So All i need to know is the time when all the family is together and then i will call at that time!!!!! Mexico and Utah are the same time zone, so no worries with that, but I will call whenever you tell me to, So in the next email just give me a time, and before work it out with the whole family and mel, so everyone knows what time i will be calling! I have a two hour phone call, for the phone call i will be using a members phone, Or the president of our church. that doesnt matter but depending on the person i need to pay that person for the phone call, because it will cost money. and usually the members are very nice and say we dont have to pay. . But if the member does then that is fine, and then i will just pay them with the money through the credit card. Is that okay dad?? Dad thanks for the scriptures and the explanations, They really help. I am happy your golf is improving thats amazing 36 for nine. When i get back i want to play golf with you more dad. I am sorry i didnt have a strong desire to play with you before but i do now. : ) The same with mom, I have all these things stacked up in my head that i wish i would have taken more advantage of when i was home and i didnt.. . . I miss everyone. But i know what i am doing is the most important thing i should be doing. It is something that everyone in the world should be doing, only if they knew.! : ) My testimony grows each day. My attitude changes a little bit each day, and so does the language. Right now with the language i can teach a lesson and have the people understand me. I have learned to use my companion a lot. Especially when i dont know a word. He is there to help. We walk a lot during the day and have a lot of time to joke around and make funny noises to try to entertain ourselves. but also i have a lot of time to memorize words, and i really have taken advantage of that this change. Everyday while we are walking i always am trying to learn spanish. I have grown a lot in the language since i have been here. and i still feel like i am not learning enough . . . ha. But i know that by small and simple things great things are come to past. Name that scripture!!!!! Oh yeh good job, whoever answered it, . . . . . . .. . . . . . (dad) hah. My next letter i will type in pure spanish so everyone can see how well i am doing. . . : ) I am sooo excited to hear about Melanie s calling and i thought i would get the answer today when i got on the computer, but i guess now. This wednesday!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY I had a really strong feeling For Peru???????????? I dont know why, but when i had this feeling i wrote it in my journal. I got your two letters Melanie, : ) thank you, Ily. I cant beleive your mom is getting married to this guy. Please send me a picture of her and him, please give your family my love, Jackie i hope that everything comes out well ; ) hah!!! I wish you all the luck i have with me, your in my prayers, Is david in Austin texas??? if so that why your naming him austin. : ) right .. if not his name should be houston. just know that i am thinking of you and your family. love you guys. Mom please give everyone else my love, I am greatful for everyone and all that you do for me. I love you!!

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