Monday, December 3, 2012

November 26, 2012

Okay This past week was pretty normal again. But we did have two investigators come to church!!!! and one of them is going to be baptized this next coming week, We Pray and Hope!!!!!! Her name is beatriz! and she has two sons, She came to church this past sunday, and it was her last one she needed to be able to be baptized! I was sooo happy when i saw her walk in. Investigators need to come to church atleast three times before they can be baptized. Thats the rule. But she wants to be baptized and she has a desire to be baptized. So i am hoping for next week, Me and My companion. Time has flew!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are already starting on our fourth week, and then at the end of the 6th week we have changes again!!! Also because Juan Jose Rios is big we might receive new bikes next month, Happy Late christmas present. Ha Only if i am still here in Juan Jose Rios, I might get moved, but I really dont know about this time. I might stay here. I have a more likely chance of staying because now i have longer time in the mission. Quien Sabe, !! : ) But we are really hoping for this baptism to fall through and stick forever. She is a very nice friendly single mom with two children and she lives with her mom and takes care of her because she is getting old. Really awesome though and i know after she is baptized the gospel will just bless her life even more. !!! We are still teaching the same people that i mentioned last week. YESSS HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL. . . . I should have mentioned that early last week. . . But Literally I do not even keep track of days here, Only when we are planning for people i look at the schedule. My companion and another member that we eat with were the ones who asked me, isnt this the day of the turkey???? in your place,,, HAHA yeah, You know i dont pay attention when the mexicans have to remind me my holidays. Anyways i hope everyone had a blast, soccer games, st george, and denver and everything how funnn!!!!!!! For thanksgiving i had (Lunch) tuna with corn and vegetables. . and in the night for dinner a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk : ))))) haha It was a great thanksgiving, ! but i am glad everyone traveled very safely, and everyone had a good one. I am greatful for all of my family that support me, and i am greatful to have food on thanksgiving, and i am greatful for everything else that God has given me while i am on my mission. He has kept me very safe, and we are very blessed. Mom I really dont know when or what is going to be happening christmas day. . . just be expecting to reaceive a phone call, Dont worry about phone? Calling cards or whatever they are, Just know that the mission is a little different, and I will be calling. and if you dont answer i will call until you do. : ) Dont STRESS about it. you will get to talk to me, and i will be able to talk to you. and everyone else. I am sorry about the big box. . . . . . That is such a bummer. . : / well now we know. . . I am sorry mom, I hope you get refunded for that. . . I love you. Missy thank your very very much for supporting me. I love you and your family. ! thank you for the herbs also. I hope i get them soon. and okay. . . So the reason why i dont send pictures. . . . . . . . . . . Very much or very often. . . . Is because last week while i was sending you those pictures, which i am greatfull actually sent. I plugged my camera into the computer here, and after i unplugged it, It erased all of my pictures. All of my photos and pictures from Escuinapa are gone, except for the ones i have sent to you guys through email. So yeah.. . . . . . . I would much rather have you wait to be able to see all the pictures when i get home than lose them from using the computer otra vez. . . . The lame computers here probably all have viruses on them.. . . . and yeah my pictures are gone from Escuinapa and Teacapan. . . . I had about 40, and i sent about 25 to you through email. . . . so it wasnt that many, but their were still pictures i really liked and Its sad i know, but we learn from the mistakes and dont ever do it again,, AM i right???. . . . . Right. . . okay. Moving on : ))) I am doing well, Healthy working out in the mornings, we wake up at 5 now, I started waking up at five last week, , , , and it is a little harder. . . but its a better routine. and yeah. We go to bed right when we get home usually. We get a little something to eat before though, then go straight to bed. and then we get the same amount of sleep or a little more, I dont know hah. but it feels better that way. elise i am happy you guys had a good thanksgiving, and your kids are happy. Hope danny and amanda are travelling safely. Dad happy your healthy and playing Golf still. HAHa hope school is going well. The scriptures really help me alot. It really helps alot when you give me a scripture and give a title to it, like these last ones, about the holy ghost , It Really helps me organize my scriptures better, I have a way of organizing my scriptures and i will show you how i did it when i get back home, It helps me find scriptures faster, or if their is a specific phrase in the scripture that stands out to me i can find that phrase faster and share it with my investigators easier. So if you give a little title to what the scripture is about it saves me alot of time. Thank you I love you. Everyone that can please go to the opening of Melanies calling!!!It means alot, and she is like family, will be after the mission, ok : ) please video it also!!!! I am guessing she will go to Colombia!!!! where she was born!!!! : ) Or she will go to france, porque ella sabe la idioma casi!!! : ) Pretty much. Anyways How is Heidi?????????? How is Grandma!!!! Hay personas que no puedo leer o ver in mis cartas, y me gusto a ver que paso con esos personas, entonces por favor adrego : ) te amo mi familia. I love everyone very much!!!!!!!! and i hope all is well, I hope everyone is healthy and relaxing in these holidays. From now on i will try to pay more attention to the holidays. . . . hah I love everyone!!!!!!!!!

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