Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is well.! I am doing well. Healthy, and strong. first of all want to wish caitlin and Kenneth happy Birthday, and also whoever else is going to have a birthday soon.... Sorry i need to be better at birthdays. I give everyone my love. This past week was a little bit longer but short at the same time. I was a little bit sick this past week.... i got a little bug... and it was not that good. but i am better now and still on medicine, but i feel much better. We finished this change really strong. The end results of this change were bigger then them all in the past... sooo it was a super good feeling to see them and to see the people that did the effort to come to the church. Especially the investigators. I have very good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our investigetor is getting baptized this wednesday! The 7th of august. (Enrique Perez) He is very sure that this gospel is for him. There are little things here and there but once he gets in and he starts knowing more, everything will just fall into place. He is very awesome. and we are finishing all the lessons with him today. we only have two other small lessons that we need to give him. And then his date to be baptized is in two days. We have been teaching other people also but they havent been progressing as fast as Enrique. But we are still trying to teach them at the same pace. It is kind of hard when one gets ahead of others because all our attention sometimes gets dragged to that one person, and then he is baptized and then we move on. But i am excited for his baptism. Today we had changes. But me or my companion didnt get changed. We are still the same here in the same area! The new president didnt move hardly anyone from mazatlan, or other areas. I dont know why i hope he moves us more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a moving type of person... i dont like being cooped up... but its the lords work. And he knows where we need to be. I feel like we are just going to strengthen mazatlan even more and its going to be awesome!!!!!!!! I am excited. I am excited to see the results after this change to see what we can really do as a companionship. I seem to work really well with elder becker, and it makes me happy. I have been getting head aches lately.. I get head aches when it is super hott.... and it is super hott outside... I sweat a lot during the day, and i remember the heat from last year, but i dont feel like it was this hott.... It is the hottest place i have ever been... and it is pretty humid to add upon that. Love everyone. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I sent the packages that i wanted to send. I hope they get to the family. I love you all and the time is ticking. . . It goes by soo fast now, There is a scripture in jacob that talks as if it was just all a dream. and i like to relate it to my mission..... Ahhh it is just sooo fast. i feel like i cant keep up sometimes. but I love it and i know that i shouldnt be anywhere else right now. Love you mom and dad. Thanks for that quote dad liked it! Mom i missed you this week, but thats okay. Love you guys and the fam. Have a good week!!!

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