Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

We are almost mid change!!!!!!!! again, Yesterday in sacrament meeting we had 2 less actives that we have been trying for about 3 weeks to get them to come to church and they finally came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh what a blessing. I was sooo happy when they walked in late to sacrament meeting , haha Better late then never. It was Cristian who is an x missionary that has married with someone who doesnt want anything to do with the church, and his brother jose who is married also but all his family is inactive!,,, I was soo happy to see there faces. The Friday before we went to jose s house to give him a white shirt, He told us that he wasnt going to go to the church if he didnt look good, and so we dropped him off a white Shirt that i found in the bin of our baptismal clothes, that we have for investigators when they are baptized. I was happy i found one that fit him. The first 5 i pulled out were all for little kids..... But i think the White shirt gave him a lot of motivation to come to church. Also he told us that he didnt know if he would be able to come because he had a futbol game in the morning also. But he came for the first hour( the most important hour) of church. and we were very proud of him.! He had his championship game sunday.... so he told us the next week (sunday ) he will be at church for sure, and with his family. : ) Also all of lixis s family came to church, well the ones that we are teaching, and they made friends their!! I was so proud of our members also that when they came in they were very welcoming, and helped us by sitting next to them, explaining the things that were going on!! It was the mom, Lixis and Cristian. We are teaching them really slow, and clearly, but they have been following up with all the reading that we have given them. So thats good, the only concern that we have is that lixis is starting school, and she even has class sunday morning........................ Its another class she is taking to get extra credit!!! I have never heard having school on sundday!!!!!!!!! No me gusta. but that is a challenge : / and she is starting next sunday.... She needs to assist 2 sundays to be able to get baptized. So thats a little bit of what we are working with. It is going very smoothly though. So we are hoping for the best. Mom, I am well, I just got over being sick, last week!!! I was just drained, but yes mom i am drinking lots, ha you ask me every time : ) but i am staying sure that i dont get dehydrated,. You can basically feel emmidiatly when you are dehydrated here. So then you drink water. Here lots of the people use suero. Its called suero. But its eloctrolites, and they help have more energy, and well not soo much energy, but they help with the sun alot. It helps the body stay hydrated, its like gatorade. but its a little bit more powerfull, and it tastes gross. But hey it works. they help me alot during the day. Enrique is happy, It makes me really happy to see him when he comes to church. I just moved his house though..........and its something that i am worried about... because he just got baptized and now he lives far away from us, and he could be in another ward.... but his work is still in the same spot, and it is really close to us. But we will see what happens with that. I think he will still continue to go to our ward, because his work is right their close, and he goes to work right after church also. Sooo yeah. He is awesome though, and is helping us find more investigators. Everything is going well here!!! This past week wasnt too busy, There are alot of people that can be given a date to be baptized though. So thats what we are going to be doing this next week, is giving dates for baptisms. Our goal for this month is to baptize two people, three if we can! We are hoping for 2 though. I am excited to try and get this goal. Dad, its cool that you are in Brazil,!! I hope everything goes well their. And that is a lot of people, I heard sao paolo is one of the biggest cities in the world. be safe! Thanks for the scripture. Angela I am happy your got your job congratulations!!! Tell your boys im proud of them for putting in there efforts in soccer, i miss seeing all my nephews and nieces. Tell Alex i am happy for him that he is getting prepared!!!! thats awesome. I would like to see his picture! Love everyone fAmily and friends!!!!! Take care this week, I know this gospel is true, I see miracles everyday, This week try to help someone else know about the gospel. I was reading in one of uchdorfs talks and he said that everyone is a missionary. Love everyone Elder Fellingham

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