Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 11, 2013

This is my letter for this week. Today is the 11th Of February. First of all, I wish mom a Happy Birthday because i wont be able to during the week!!!!!!!!!! I love you and i am grateful that you are my mom! I really hope you got my letter in the mail. It is for your birthday!! I am sooo blessed to have you in my life a wonderful mother to always be there for me. I dont remember a single time when you werent there for me mom, Always in my hockey games, and always sitting up there on the top row with like three blankets still cheering for me. : ) I know it probably wasnt the happiest sport to choose for you because the cold is very displeasing. It is not like those warm swim meets where the whole room is humid with pool water, but i am sooo grateful for your encouragement all of my life. It really means more to me than you think to have a super mom, Who tries to be in all the places she can be in all at once. I am soo happy for our relationship together and our love that will be for as you always say Eternal. I am so happy to have you in my life. And nobody could have a greater example than you and the hard working momma you are! Thank you for being my mom, and thanks to our loving Heavenly Father that he put us all in the places that we are in right now to grow soo close together and love eachother. Les and Jackie!!!!!!!!!! I wish you both very Happy Birthdays tomorrow. .!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have very good days, and i am very happy you are both a part of our family! Our Eternal family. Well i dont know what to say about this. . . . . that you guys arent receiving my emails. . . it makes me a little bit frustrated, because there is nothing that i can do. It tells me that my emails have sent to you guys, but I dont know if you really have received it, I miss everyone and i really hope that you all receive this one. I am trying to attach pictures also. So i hope you get them. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes,,,,, i cant beleive that i am going to have 20 years,,...??? It is like what did i do with my life this past 20 years?. . . haha. It is weird to think that i will have 20.... I dont feel 20 yet,,,,. : ) Its weird. but life continues on!!!!!! anyways, I will try to buy something with the money mom, ha but their just really isnt anything that i need, The work puts you in a position where all you really need in life is the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and ya thats all. . . . hah. Nothing else is needed. But i will try to find something. maybe il find a good watch, because the one that i have it doesnt tell time that well, and literally all day we are spending most of the time looking at our watches looking at what we need to be doing next. It is soo busy, and i can never really tell the exact time with the watch that i have. Soooooooooo we will see. The work is good here. We are going to receive 20 new white kids next week, and i am afraid that i will be training. Atleaast i think i will, I am not 100% sure, but i have a feeling. I have only been with elder smalley for two weeks, and we have one more together. This whole next week we have been called to go to Culiacan, We are going to be getting trained how to do things, It is called seminary. And the President doesnt have them very often, and he only chooses specific people i assume,,,, because not everyone is going, and it would cost the church a lot of money to have every missionary go to Culiacan. So I and Elder Smalley have been called to go there for the next week,,, all the signs seem pretty obious that we will both be training. I think the president will open up a lot of new areas also, because all the areas are already full. So we will see what will happen. Its going to be a little crazy down here in Mexico for a lil bit. The familia Moya is progressing sooo much, All the family came to church this past sunday, except one of the sons and it was only because he was sick, he would have come if he wasnt. So we will have to see if we can still baptize him. We will have to get permission though. They are for sure going to be baptized the 23 of february. I was soooo happy to see the husband walk into the church late!!!!!!!! Better late than never, It was such a releif because if he had missed it his date woould have fallen. But he came!!!!!! It was great!!!! So they are still n track with their goal. I am happy for them, It is sooo fun to start out with a family and watch them grow in the gospel, it is carazy hard, and crazy rare, but when it happens it is something sooooo Beautiful. The family just blossoms, and fits right in with everyone else. Mercedes the wife paid her diezmo for the second time!!!!!! She is crazyy on fire with the church she really loves it. Why is it sooo much easier for women to accept the gospel. . . ; ) Their spirits are always ready, and the spirits of men are always harder. . . but when they find it in them they are like a rock and wont budge. . . . IT is fun. !!!!!!!! :) Everything is fun to see. I love everyone I hope you moved into your house david and jackie, and i hope everything went well.!!! Miss the snow!!!!!!!! I heard that it was one of the most ferocious winters in a long time. We had a new district fly in from the MTC and they were as white as snow. . . . . . . . . Their sking is like crazy white and it makes me wonder if thats what i looked like when i got here to Mexico. It makes me wonder how white everyone is going to look when i get back. . . . hah. Mel no recibio Sus photos de su area en barcelona, Porfavor enviarlos otra vez, Yo quiero ver los. !!!!!!! A veces i receive your emails late. . . . i dont know why, i dont like it though. Estoy feliz que usted tenia tiempo para quedar con sus amigas!!!!!!!!! Que divertido. Yo recuerdo todos los tiempos cuando estabamos con ellas haha. . . Los memorias son tan buenos. : ) pero tambien me gusto a tener este photo en mi mente en nuestro futuro, donde todos de nosotros vamos a hang out con cada quien:: : ) Va a ser muy divertido. no puedo esperar, Te amo mucho. Hay siempre palabras que me olvido a decir a ti. . . . . y you recuerdo durante en la semana y es como. . . . ahhhhhhh..... hah Y despues yo recuerdo. Me molesta, pero, lo se que vamos a tener tiempo solamente para hablar, Vamos a sentarse en el pasto y solamente hablar: ) por horas y horas y horas. I miss it. but i love you, Keep Up the good work, And Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOdo esta bien Everything is good, I Love everyone. Hope you have good birthdays, and a happy Valentines day everyone, Alex, cuidase con las mujeres. Love Elder Fellingham

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