Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 19,2012

Muy bien,Muy bein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay This past week was better than the last one.
Ha It should always be that way.! Anyways. We are trying to baptize two women. !!!!!!!! Well. . . . One is named beatriz, and she wants to get baptiuzed and the only thing that is holding her back is her mom!!!! Her mom is pretty sick, and last week she fell down, and she is kind of a little bit older, and her daughter beatriz is taking care of her. Beatriz also has two sons, divorced, and wants this religion in her life. She needs one more sunday to be able to be baptized, She prays, she knows everything, she just needs to come to church!!!!, This last sunday yesterday if she would have come she could have been baptized this coming week!!!!! But she didnt. . . but her mom is getting better, and i hope by next week she will be able to come then the following week after that she will be able to be baptized! after that their is nothing in the way.
This area is a lot of walking!!!!!! WJuan Jose Rios is big for only two missionaries. Me and Elder Jiminez are the unicos!!!! Aqui. but most of our time is spent walking to peoples houses during the day. It is cooler here and in the mornings its cool, and then it gets hot for about three or four hours and then it starts to cool down again. Its weird the way the temperature works. . but I dont sweat anymore. I am used to being here in the hot all day, and my body has changed to the climate. It is pretty dry here though. Lots of dust. The other morning i woke up and i thought i had stuff in my eyes or like my eyes were glazed over with something.  But i was looking out the window and it was like pure dust. . . .  There was just dust outside everywhere. I couldnt see past the end of our street. It wasnt a storm it was just dust floating in the air., . . . Ha weird. I know. It was like haze. There are lots of farms around us though because it is a ranchito, Lots of dust gets kicked up in the air. So it just decided to settle in Juan Jose Rios one morning. Then the sun came out and it all went away. I am Healthy, doing well. Forgot to brush my teeth this morning. . . . . : /  The other people we are teaching is the family Cota Felix. The dad is a member, he has a smoking problem, : / and his wife and daughter have baptismal dates, but they didnt come to church this past sunday either, so we need to change their date again-. . . It is sooo difficult to see when your people dont come come to the church , especially when it is soooooo easy. Alll they have to do is just come for the first hour, the sacrament. The daughter is ten years old, , ,  she argues with her parents a little bit, but she is nice,, and wants to be baptized with her mom, They have two other little girls that are funny brianna and Natalie, They are cute, one is 7 and one is 4 or 5. But they are at that age. . : ) and they are a really good nice family. I just wish they would come!!!!!!!!!!!
Other people that were teaching is an 18 year old girl named paola, and her 20 year old brother. We just got a baptismal date out of her brother last night. and paola doesnt have a date. . . . yet!! But we are trying to teach them. also Teaching a little bit of english with them. ha they want to learn. and they have homework from the university they go to.
This is pretty much all of our investigators right now. Hay un otra que se llaman la familia aboite. But its only the mom that is getting baptized, She wants to be baptized, and she can be baptized this week, All we need to teach her is ayuno. !!!!!!! Tithing!!!!!!!!!! And she can be baptized this week!!!!! I am excited for all these people, They are all investigatores and all capable of being baptized in the near future. They just need to do their part!!!!!!
Anyways. Mom I ams Sorry you are worried about the package. . . I really think it will come to me,They only bring mail when there is leader meetings. . . The mision office holds things for a long time sometimes. . . . they could have it and are just waiting for the next big meeting. Then the Zone leaders usually bring the mail to us. So dont worry, I am sure i will get it. !!!!!!! The address you have is correct, I have gotten your letters in the mail. so just put the same address that you put on your letter to me.
I am sooo happy gilbert is baptized that is awesome, he is growing up sooo fast!!  Thank you missy for the herbs yes i will take them cada dia. !!!!!! every day! and For christmas THIS IS important. For Christmas The president said we can skype with our families for one hour, Or We can call and talk for two hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So everyone decide what you want to do and then tell me, I think we will have time to get on the computer and check before christmas . So either One Hour Of skype!!!!! Or 2 hours of talking on the phone!  I dont know where we can skype because well the computers here dont have cameras!!!! but il try to find a place. if that is what people decide.
Thanks dad for getting that letter to John. He is a good man, I love all my family, and i am so happy we all get to be together forever!!!!!!! I miss everyone, Hope everything is alright with every family, Jackie is almost due right?? I hope your doing well Jackie, Hope your not too sick, : / Its a boy right?? and how is grandma??? Tell her i love her. Same with heidi!!! Tell danny to email me. . . please I need a laugh. Speaking of danny, well. When we are walking there is a lot of walking here and we get really bored sometimes, when we walk. . . . haha me and my companion, and sometimes the weirdest things keep us entertained. But yeah whenever i am bored i think of ya broh, ( to danny) : ) because i remember you always being bored, and you would always call me from camp williams when you were bored. Please give me an update on Melanie and the papers, tell her i love her!!<3 Anyways...
Love Everyone!!!!!!!!!! Elder Fellingham

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