Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 12, 2012

Okay so yes i had changes!!!! I am in Los Mochis. It was like a 9 hour drive. I am in a small ranch outside of Los Mochis its called Juan Jose Rios. and i have grown to love it so much already. I love the food. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I have grown close to the people here already. The church is called a casa de horacion. House of prayer. . . Because it is sooo small. It is like the size of the living room of our house. It is very cute. . . Ha anyway. To catch everyone up, we had a really big Zone conference in Los Mochis with like three other cities. That was very good, and It always lifts my spirit and makes me want to work harder after. I am doing well. Really healthy!! The change from Bikes to Walking was hard, I got super big blisters on the backs of my heels. . . They were like lines of just. . . . yeah whatever that fluid is. . puss? Yo no se. But they were nasty. They are healed now though. . . they were bad for like three days, but they have died down now, They are like callases now from just having to keep walking.  :) I have thick heels now. . . . hah. no they are still normal. But stronger. Their is a ton of dust here, and dust and grass are not on my team. . . I need to find allergy medicine. . . Or else i am going to go crazy, I am happy dad is not my companion because if he was he would probably kill me with how many time i sniff in a minute. Just be grateful. : )
My new Companion is Elder Jiminez!!! He has a pretty square face, and he is a little different. Kinda a goober, Ask David the def of goober. But yeah. He is really cool, really chill. And funny. There have been no problems and i dont think their will be. : ) we have weird things in common. . . ha? anyways. He speaks spanish fluently, and he has been practicing English since he was en la primaria. 2nd grade, He still doesnt speak perfectly, but I can understand him. He is always trying to be better with his english. He makes a lot of noises too. . . ha just with his mouth. He will get bored and just start making weird noises haha. But he is funny. He is good too. Kind of like uncle reedy, but not that good. He can be late sometimes to studies. . . and we are trying to be better at that. The whole culture is a little late to things : ) but were working on it.I am sending Melanie a letter today if you could let her know. Let her know i love her and i miss her. : ) 
Angela i am happy that their is more reading in Preach My Gospel. It is very Important. And i am happy your family is doing better with reading it. Ahhhhh i miss katie. . . I want to listen to her speak. . hah. I miss hazel too.  I love you guys.
Mom I hope your traveling is going well, and everything is going smoothly with the win. I miss you and I love you. I am doing well, and healthy, I havent received your box yet, but i am sure i will soon. no worries!!! We are teaching people here, and the people here in Juan Jose Rios are sooo much more nicer than the people in Escuinapa. I dont know why, but they are just much more open. I love the people here, but i also miss the people in Escuinapa. You grow to love everybody on your mission. There is lots of trees with fruit on them here, and i usually can jump up and grab one and eat it if i get hungry, Their are orange trees, and a fruit called torongja they are big and look like a oversized lime. They are veryy bitter sweet. . . .hah, I usually try to go for the oranges. also mandarins. Yummy. They also have very good meat here!!!! because its a ranch!!!!! They also use tortillas de harina aqui. these are my favorite. . . . sooo yummy. In Escuinapa they had pure maiz tortillas and here they have pure tortillas de harina. and harina is my favorite!! more doughy?? with dough. Here we have everything close to our apartment its a bonus, and we also have a sams club 30 minutes away. Were going there today to buy things :)
I love you mom
Dad, I cried when i heard about John Pontiuous, please give him my letter that i sent to you. I miss you dad, I love you. we live on batequis blv. on calle 5. All of juan jose rios is a grid pretty much with numbers and names. If you follow on google maps from the freeway in to juan jose rios we live on calle 5 on the right, (Right side) like 4 houses in. Their is a two story house and it is white with a black door. we live on top. Also the church is on calle 5 also. it is at the end on the left corner. Im going to try to take a picture on google maps and maybe i can attach it to this file. That way it will be easier to find. It has been getting darker here also!!! It gets dark a lot earlier and we are walking in the dark more. the other day their was a little scorpion next to my foot, and i didnt see it and my companion pointed it out to me, I was very greatful!!!! Natives. . . . . Pshhh . : ) but no it couldnt have done anything to me, it was a baby, but he said the babies are more poisones. I squished and we kept walking. There are investigators here, and since i have been here we have found more people to teach. Last night we tought a seƱora and her two daughters, and they want to be baptized.  We only gave one a date because the mom walked out of the room to go do something. . . . . . but we have a baptismal date for her. The spirit was really felt last night. Then after we were walking home in the dark, and a guy that was a little drunk offered us a ride. . . . .hah my companion said yes before i could say no, and so we got a ride back near our house. It was him and he had two little boys in the front of his truck and we were in the back, , , ,haha,. He wasnt too drunk. But i could smell it on his breath when he spoke. Hay muchas personas aqui que son borrachos. . . . . : /// there is a lot of people here that are drunks. .. but lots of really neat people also. I hope your golf is going well. I love you and mom!!! Hope golf is well, Hasnt snowed yet right?? Give the rest of the family my love. I love everyone I am well, and it is almost christmas!!!!!!!! Its weird living in a desert and having christmas posters up. . . haha. Love you mi familia. !!!!!!!!! Lots of love from Mexico, Oh one other thing!!!!!!!! The president changed the times when people leave, I dont know if this will change again before i come home, but he said that we either go home three weeks early, or stay for three weeks longer, depending on the school schedules. !!! Just so you know. We will just keep in touch when it comes time when i come home. about school and everything. Love everyone. mudu ; )
                                  Elder Fellingham

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